• A quick solution to build a food delivery business similar to UberEats

    Nowadays, online food delivery is used by several people. It gives users the convenience of ordering food in a click and get food in their doorsteps. Especially, this pandemic season has witnessed the demand for food delivery platforms. Now let us see how the startup entrepreneurs can use Ubereats clone script, Uberdoo, to gain more […]

  • Ubereats clone script

    Widen Your Business With UberEats Clone Script

    Recently ordering food online has become a piece of everyone’s lifestyle. This has led to the development of numerous food ordering and delivering applications. There exist many reasons behind the great success of the food delivery applications such as discounts, offers and many more. Survey says around 87% of the users prefer food delivering applications […]

  • Volvo Teaming Up With Uber With Regards To Providing Automated Vehicles

    The ride-hailing giant Uber is all set to purchase up to 24,000 self-driving cars associated with Volvo, where it serves to be a major ambitious move of the San Francisco based brand. This marks a radical shift from the brand where the app was manipulated to avail a taxi to the owner and the operator […]

  • How Uber Drivers rate their passengers

    At present in Uber, it is not just the passengers who rate the driver. It also happens the other way around. Drivers also provide the rating for passengers on a scale of 1 to 5. Although the passengers may think this is of minor consequences, there are impacts featured with a poor passenger rating.   […]