Uber All Set To Be Associated With A Pollution Free Era In London

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In order to curb the rising levels of pollution in London, a scheme was rolled out where in the metropolis by 2020, the Uber drivers are prohibited from using any vehicles for the rides which do not belong to the category of hybrid cars or completely electric cars.

While the hybrid cars featuring Toyota Prius has become a staple of the ride hailing giant, at present, it is revealed that only under 50% of the Uber riders from the city features a fully electrified vehicle. This has to be adopted by everyone come 2020.

Coming to other types of services which emerged as an off shoot of the app like UberXL which it is centered on diesel running cars will also be stopped with respect to functioning by the year 2020

Coming to the case of other metropolises in Great Britain which are overwhelmed by air pollutions badly, there are some cases of the vehicles being electrified and the time limit for the vehicles to completely adopt the complete electric and hybrid policy will serve to be carried out within the start of the year 2022.

Uber noted that almost 10 years from now, the taxis which operate in London should be completely electrified or revamped to a hybrid model. The beneficial aspect is that related to these vehicles the battery juice runs for 40 miles prior to swapping over to the conventional petrol.

In the longer term, the US company said that by 2025 all of its cars in London must be fully electric or a plug-in hybrid, on which the battery typically lasts about 40 miles before switching to petrol.

Recently Jaguar Land Rover in the steps of Volvo assured that there won’t be any launch of vehicles which are not associated with being operated by electricity. Although it noted that the prevalent petrol and diesel running vehicles will still be put up for sale on the market.

The San Francisco based company has given special focus to London where air pollution has resulted in 9500 deaths annually due to the poisonous gases and emissions which emerge from the vehicles and causes a major issue.

An executive from Uber UK noted that this problem of air pollution is a major issue and that the brand is ready to curb it with the ambitious venture.

The Uber driver base in London which has 40,000 registered drivers will be provided with monetary support to make the transition to the latest vehicles with funds summing up to approximately £5,000 to make the move towards a hybrid or completely electricity operating vehicles.

The funding from the ride hailing giant will be approximately £2m. However, the app users will also be associated with the major upheaval where from next month onwards there will be an extra 35p charge related to the rides that operate in London through the Uber company. To curb the ever increasing problem of air pollution, the brand has assimilated over 100 electric Nissan Leafs vehicles from the car giant Nissan. It is to be noted that this car is the number one electric car of choice in the world. The purchase was done in the initial periods of this year.

Uber will also ensure that the drivers of the city’s obsolete and pollution causing cars will also avail the service and make the transition by providing the drivers who operate the vehicles which are more than a decade old with a coupon amounting to £1,500 so that they can become integrated to offer rides through Uber as an alternative.

This venture by Uber was met with warm reception from others. A representative from a charity firm Global Action Plan noted that the ambitious proposal of Uber to exit the era of diesel running cars signifies the need to tackle and curb the existing problem of air pollution which results in bad consequences related to health.

The era of green taxis is sure to help the bustling metropolis of London by promoting a timeline of taxi rides where pollution is mitigated

Three months back related to the brand that develops black cabs noted that it had debuted a new variety of environment-friendly taxi cabs which operate for 70 miles with the help of a battery before swapping to the traditional petrol engine. Guidelines and regulations related to the city noted that all the black cabs have to switch over into the electric era from the beginning of the next year.


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