Trending Features in Android 11 that Redefine The Mobile App Development

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Android is one of the most popular platforms in mobile app development. From Android 10, Google has changed its naming system to numeric for their OS and Pie/Android 9 was the last of the lot.

Android 11 is a mobile OS platform that is launched to enhance the user experience further. Android is considered as one of the leading mobile operating systems with over 74.13% market share as Android is user-friendly compared to other OS in the market. Google has been disruptive with its support for businesses and developers with multiple updates that help in better mobile app development.

The newly launched Android 11 OS is expected to have new technical enhancements and high features that change the course of mobile apps. The features that are missed out in Android 10 are included in this Android version.

In this article, we have collected the trending features in Android 11 operating system that reevaluate the mobile app development industry.

Scoped Storage
SAF, known as Storage Access Framework, is introduced by Google with Android 5.0 Lollipop that helps developers to access the local filesystems of users like a file manager or the image editor. Due to poor efficiency and performance, developers have been refraining from using SAF.

SAF is a major step by Google to access the restricted files in the public files for the developers, and it involves higher security measures for the mobile OS. But the SAF was not as successful as developers found performance issues.
With all its effort in Android 11, Google has set a bring back of “scoped storage” which would change the scope of the app’s access to the local files of the users. The scoped storage allows app developers to read and secure the data in a protected folder and restrict the access to photos, videos, and audios in the local files. Scoped storage is designed to prevent the mobile application from spyware and malware.

Speedy Share 
We have a fair share of files sharing through many applications on our mobile phones, some files using BlueTooth protocols, some use third-party applications to transfer files that create unique functionality that generates revenue to the developers.

Google has once introduced a feature in the ice cream sandwich version called “Android Beam”, has it didn’t work well; it was shelved by Google. And many reports say that Google is in the process of developing a “ FastShare” option for the Android OS users which will be launched in Android 11. The speedy share is being developed to make an easy file share within the close proximity, which is more similar to the “AirDrop” that launched in the iOS platform.

Automatic Shortcuts 
Ever since Apple has introduced an automated task bot called Siri shortcuts for voice search, Google has been splashing around to have its own automated tools. Google has worked all together and offered automation called Google Assistant Routines that can be accessed through the “Routines” option present in the Google Assistant tab.
Though the Google Assistant Routines are working well, there are certain levels where the automated tool lacks. So, it is expected that Android 11 is a great platform to introduce automated shortcuts that reduce third-party task apps.

Compatibility of the application
App compatibility is an expected feature to be introduced by Google in Android 11 as this feature can stimulate the environment for the app testing by disallowing to use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) shell commands. Google is known for introducing several iterations in OS works, and Android 11 is expected to see several versions of the OS to commemorate for deprecated APIs.

Android 10 is the latest update rolled out by Google at the end of the year, and the same can be expected to with Android 11 in 2020. There are many expectations among the developers and users as to see the exquisite features redefined in the Android mobile application experience. For businesses and enterprises, Android 11 is great news! Thus, it can be stated that Android 11 is the new era of Android application that will be unveiled in 2020!

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