Top Ways to Motivate Users to Download your App

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There is immense competition in the market. You should endeavor to motivate people to download your app. You should influence people even before they come to your landing page. Potential users should be satisfied with the value you provide. Now let’s see some ideas that will really make the difference.

• Build an integrated marketing strategy. You can harness your digital presence besides traditional ways to ascertain awareness and interest among users. The customers are interested in the benefits of the apps rather than its features. So the key lies in satisfying their requirements.

• Social media can let you to both develop brand equity and good quality for your product. With the help of an advanced tool, you can send communication solely to your target audience.

• Be innovative and attention-grabbing while communicating your app’s USP and distinct features.

• You can also send your customers’ personalized email or text image. However, ensure that you are not intrusive. The main aim of this email should be to build awareness and trigger downloads.

• People sometimes require a bit more than product benefits while downloading an app. You can reward their effort of downloading your app by providing incentives for downloading.

• You should consider the mobile segment too, besides building an app that functions on just desktops or tablets. Most of the customers download apps via their mobile phones.

• People will be motivated to download your app if it is compatible with the device they see it. Hence ensure that you provide a hassle-free experience in a spectrum of mobile devices and tablets.

• You can write a blog post regarding your app. In that, you can discuss its features, connect the users to the benefits, and display how those benefits suit the life of your customers.

• Concerning details and technical descriptions, videos assist in encouraging those who prefer demonstrations. You can create a demo video about your app.

• Include pertinent call-to-actions in each of your content so that the user can download your app straight from the touch point. You can carry out this in social media communications, website pages, etc.

• Through paid digital campaigns, your app reaches the right people at the right time.



Generating a lot of downloads for your app is not always a simple thing to achieve. However, if you consider the above points, you will see an excellent enhancement in downloads. Keep in mind that your target audience’s preference should be your priority.


Monish Sinthala is the CEO of one of the leading mobile app development companies in Chennai. He leads the team with a focus and ensures that his team is also as technical savvy as he is. When he is not reading and writing, he involves in going for adventures.

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