Top Reasons Why React Native the Future of Mobile App Development

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“Which framework will provide me with good outcome in my mobile app development?”

“: Which is the most appropriate platform for mobile app development?”

“Which is the best, web, hybrid or native development?”

Which is the best, single platform or cross-platform?

These are some of the commonly asked questions by people who wish to take up mobile app development services. Now we will see why React Native is the future of mobile app development.

Cross-platform Compatibility

React Native was developed at first to support iOS platform but because of high demand, its reach soon spread to Android too. Most of the APIs on this powerful technology can be used cross-platforms letting developers develop a code base that functions on both iOS and Android.

Reusage of code

The view and experience in iOS and Android are consistent since React Native consists of reusable components that compile straight to the native platform. Besides, the app will have the appearance, speed, and functionality of a native mobile app.

Great UI experience

React Native has its concentration majorly on UI for mobile. It acts like a JavaScript library rather than the framework. The smoothness of the JavaScript interactions within the native environment makes the UI more responsive and paves the way to rapid load times. This gives a hassle-free experience to users.

Liked by developers

React Native is dependent on JavaScript, and this makes it popular among developers. Most of the developers know JavaScript. As soon as a developer acquaints with native UI elements, APIs, , etc., development can begin.

Good functionality

React Native has given a new meaning to the functionality of native apps. It provides the agility and speed of web app development to hybrid apps besides native functionality.


With its expanding community, React Native is showing signs to turn out to be the future of mobile development. Are you a business searching to get a robust mobile developed rapidly at an affordable rate? Then React Native is the right option. Contact Pyramidion Solutions now, which is an efficient React Native app development company.

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