Top Mistakes To Avoid Before And After A Mobile App Launch

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Mobile application development has a high profit earning field, where there are more than 205 billion downloads last year. As per expert researchers, mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by the year 2020.

As business find higher revenue through mobile applications, many companies are investing 50% of their marketing budget in mobile application advertisements. Investing in money alone can not make an application successful. Many business people lack in certain things and make common mistakes before and after the launch of a mobile app that blocks the growth and revenue of the application.

In this article, we have analyzed and documented that one needs to avoid making certain mistakes that are listed in the content below. By following these guidelines, one can save money, time, and eliminate a lot of other problems.

Mistakes to Avoid before the launch of mobile application

Not conducting proper beta testing.

Mobile application crashes are one major problem that has made more than 70% of the app uninstalls. A proper beta testing helps you to sort out the issue and fix the errors that we missed at the time of internal testing.

Beta testing is usually made at the final stage of the app development, which is done for the mobile app that is almost developed. Through beta testing, you can sort out the issues like poor designing, security issues, lags, and other coding problems and take necessary steps to fix the issues. Beta testing improves your positive reviews and quality ratings which can lead to a higher number of downloads. So, are you worried about developing a mobile application? Then opt for the best mobile app development company in Chennai and design highly featured mobile applications for your business.

Lacking Pre-launch Marketing Campaign

Many companies lack in doing pre-launch marketing campaigns and fewer downloads of your apps. It is always important for a business to get enough customer attention for the app as that decides the success of the application.

No matter how interesting your application is, without a proper pre-launch marketing campaign, your application would not receive a right start. So, it is always beneficial if your mobile application has an aggressive reap that provides full benefits.

There are multiple ways to promote your application, choose the platform that provides where you can reach your target audience. Social Media Marketing is highly effective and economical compared to other advertising platforms. By highlighting the features of the application, you can benefit the right users and ensure to drag their attention.

No Proper Market Research

An app can become successful if it offers unique and high-quality features compared to the existing application in the market. Proper in-depth market research can help you identify the areas where you need to focus on providing a unique mobile application and standing distinctive from your competitors.

Proper market research and analysis will give you more ideas to concentrate on the new and existing features that will create a great impact in the marketplace.

Mistakes to avoid post-launch of Mobile Application

Not Fixing the Bugs

There are certain cases where bugs might show up after the application is launched. The immediate action of fixing the bugs will build customer trust to continue using the app. Some of the common bugs found in the mobile application are UI bugs, slow response, connectivity issues, application crash and functional bugs.

Neglecting User Feedback and Reviews

User reviews or feedback helps you to improve your application by fixing the issues or inconveniences sorted by the user. Paying attention and taking immediate action by responding to them ensures a positive sign to the customers.

Other than improving the standard of the mobile application, it a key point of engaging with the customer and encouraging them to download the application.

Missing focus on security 

Security is the most important aspect that every user look for before downloading the application. As a security breach is the biggest fear among the customers that stops them to download the application.

Incorporating security inbuilt from the starting is easy and economical so ensure that your mobile application is developed with the required security. Companies can even promote the application with this feature to their customers.

The scope for mobile app development has a positive growth over the decade, and it is expected to increase higher over the year. Design and develop an error-free mobile application with Pyramidion Solutions, one of the best mobile app development companies in Chennai. Our team will guide you in developing an error-free application and successful growth of the mobile application.

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