Top iOS Libraries that Make Work for iOS Developers Simple Enough

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For any app developer, libraries prove very indispensable enough in simplifying their work. This is evident when seeing the fact that their complex tasks are dealt with in a very short span of time comprising of a few minutes. This can give ample time to refine everything related to enhancing that app’s core properties.

However, there are more than hundreds of such libraries at present. The challenge now lies in choosing the one that ultimately proves effective for your requirements.

With that in mind, this article will detail some of the top iOS libraries that will prove that valuable for the developer base.

(i) Alamofire:

Being an HTTP library that is developed on top of NSURLSession, it can prove effective when associating the power of networking with the iOS app. As a valuable asset that helps the networking interface to feel native with regards to the Swift language, it also helps in managing all types of network requests in a smooth way. Other key points regarding Alamofire include a special subclassable private storage and its ability to pause and resume any type of network operation.

(ii) SDWebImage:

This asynchronous image downloader comes packed with everything to simplify the concept of image downloads and caching. Despite newer versions of iOS enhancing the NSURLCache to handle disk caching effectively, it is still SDWebImage is which is the big favorite. It caches the UIIMage in the memory and saves the original compressed and decoded image file on to the disk. Memory is conserved well enough and this is why this Library is that important in iOS image management.

(iii) AFNetworking:

Built a long time back, this library has ensured a long-lasting legacy when it comes to being trusted as an effective networking library for iOS, MacOS, TVOS and the such. Handling every networking requirement no matter how complex they may be (like SSL pinning and Network Reachability) it has won the hearts of several developers who were on the lookout for a one of a kind special library.

(iv) SwiftyJSON:

Despite how cool Swift is, there are cases where you might be annoyed when it comes to associating with the actual code and the bugs that come featured. This is especially evident when we bring JSON into the picture. SwifyJSON proves its worth by streamlining the work involved in serializing JSON into Swift objects. Its efficiency is increased tenfold when combining it with the power of Alamofire.

(v) Kingfisher:

Operating similar to SDWebImage, it differs chiefly from the fact that it is encoded in Swift. The app performance is boosted significantly because all the downloaded images are cached in both the memory and disk. Image prefetching and cancelable downloading are some of its unique qualities that can boost the speed even further.

(vi) MBProgressHUD:

This library can help the developer base to integrate a stunning Heads-Up-Display over progress indicators or labels when the image is still loading. So in case, your app is taking way too long to finish a given task or whenever an image is also suffering from slow load issues, then this library acts as the savior where it can prevent your users from contemplating App Abandonment.

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