Top 6 Reasons to Choose Android platform for Mobile Development

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This is a digital world and mobile applications are evolving at a quick pace. In this technological era, a vast percentage of devices deploy the Android platform. So we can say with some clarity that when we search for reasons to opt for app development then Android app development cannot be ignored.

Want to stay in pace with trends in android development? Then read the below-mentioned points and learn why Android development should be prioritized for your company.


Open Source

The Android platform for app development is an open source one implying that it isn’t just limited to simply the Android market. Moreover, it is royalty-free. This offers the liberty to be creative. The SDK architecture is favorable that allows you to interact with the community on the potential growth of mobile app development. There is an easy installation of Android apps from any source.


Dynamic testing

The integration of the Android development platform is simple and the SDK allows you to install and initiate the app on the device every time you compile. This is a great benefit for the developer to test his/her application on several devices without extra costs.


Social media integration

It is a heartening thing that social media integration becomes easier with the Android platform. In fact, people are highly excited about social media.

Nowadays every business, irrespective of big or small, enjoys a social media presence. Social media optimization has become a pivotal element of the contemporary marketplace.

Companies can easily reach their target audience and optimize the experience without increasing their marketing budget. Moreover, Android apps have the advantage of being integrated in a simple manner. They also encompass a huge spectrum of networks. Including social features such as likes, comments etc, which can assist your business in raising its social standing.


Hassle-free adoption and launching

All it needs to develop an application in the ubiquitous Android platform is at least coding knowledge in Java. It has become a reality that it’s convenient to embrace and script code for mobile apps on the Android platform. Moreover, it is very simple to launch your application.


Famous platform

As per reports, Android dominates the global market with an 88.9 percent market share in the second quarter of 2018. This builds a promising future for android development. That said, the Android platform has the advantage of being very user-friendly and the number of users with Android devices is rising. There is a huge download of the Android app which is created by developers.


Amazing job prospects

The developers who are keenly looking out for job opportunities can get into android development easily. Android apps are formed with the help of Java and those who learn this evergreen programming language can climb the ladder of success in android development.
To put it in a nutshell, the skills of android development can be applied in a huge range of settings. The app developer can even take the role of sysadmin in the future.

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