Top 5 SEO Trends for 2019

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SEO has witnessed various transformations since its beginning and it is no more the effort of a single person. Lots of technology disruptions were taking place around SEO in the recent years, and these technologies will take up the most important role in SEO harnessing in the future. Now let’s see the top trends of SEO in 2019:


AI is creating ripples in the SEO world

AI is expected to change the way in which internet users perform online research using keywords. In fact, AI will drive the future of SEO by offering several personalized experiences along with automation. Since in the recent past AI has been enjoying a ubiquitous presence in the world of business, SEO Experts are expected to boost their approaches to be in pace with the new format of searching and browsing the internet.


Increased need for speed

Speed optimization is an important ranking factor that triggers the traffic towards the websites. Nowadays customers have no patience towards slow loading website and they don’t mind in exiting it immediately. The most proficient SEO companies in Chennai make use of some steps to increase the speed of a website.


Blockchain to be joined with SEO

Blockchain and SEO are apparently two entirely different strategies. Now the interesting thing is that blockchain can be combined with SEO. With regard to the world of Internet, you have the intermediaries known as Search Engines that transmit data from several websites to users. With Blockchain, there is genuine and safe transactions, showcasing an advanced level of transparency that can be enjoyed specifically by end users. Blockchain will play an essential role in SEO to oppose to the happening of online fraud.


Web content is still the indomitable king

The commonly used saying in the world of digital marketing is “Content is King”. Only those eCommerce websites that has powerful and informative content will gain a strong position.
Web content still rules as the indomitable king. You should concentrate on relevant and factual information rather than writing lengthy blog posts.


Mobile-First Index to drive the health of your website

Several users depend on smartphones to browse the internet. It becomes essential to serve the browsing requirements of the ever-expanding population of customers and users. This paves th way for Mobile-First Indexing. For those who are thinking what this index is all about, it is a measure of how well your website or blog is optimized so that an enhanced mobile version is delivered. You can expect Google to gauge the optimization of your site or blog on mobiles. It will verify the level to which your web content adheres to the mobile display standards,.
Overall, 2019 will offer an important thing in common with years earlier; the key is that those who work hard and persevere will see good results and rise to the top,

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