Tips for Mobile App Design: Best Practices For This Year

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When it comes to mobile app development it is not about the beautiful appearance and style it offers in look, the case of functioning must also be inclined with those two parameters. This implies making the user attracted by what the application offers to them in terms of solving their needs and how smoothly that is carried out. When creating a Mobile Equivalent of a Desktop application there are several challenges involved. One of the major prerequisites involves understanding how the desktops and mobile phones vary in terms of user experience. So with that in mind, detailed below are some recommended Mobile App Design practices with ascertaining of user retention.


1. Outlining the differences between Mobile and Smartphones:

This is a bit complex task for any designer who wants to develop a mobile equivalent of something featured in a desktop. The focus to how the app will be effective in terms of user experience and device compatibility as well. The developers have to ultimately consider the mindset of the users who are accustomed to desktops. The mobile app usage time is very short and also a desktop user
will definitely expect the mobile app to offer the same comfortable experience as associated with the former.


2. Navigation and Usage being simple yet exceptional:

A designer ought to pay importance when it comes to the usage oriented with the design. Mobile App design is no exception to this case as well. Clearly define what the app will do to resolve the user’s problems in a smooth manner. That implies outlining which features merit attention regarding the application’s main purpose. For a more greater app design implement labels and icons to make the navigation more streamlined.


3. Opting for Functional Animations:

The power of UI animation apart from adding more vibrancy to an app page will give insight to the app user as to where exactly are within its realms, how they can move from one page to another. Rich animations can altogether offer a greater level of the app experience where the user can feel comfortable with the whole layout which may seem new to them at first glance. However, this must be kept apt and compact where focusing too much on this will definitely make users lose focus.


4. Implementing Push Notifications in the picture:

Push Notifications are even faster than emails. As an app owner, you can update the user base of new features which will come in your app and which will surely attract them. This way your retention rate is enhanced.


5. Developing with multiple OSs in mind:

Also, consider how your app will function on different platforms in terms of offering the best user experience uniformly. Tweak the icons, the usage patterns and the rest accordingly as per the OS so that the user doesn’t feel odd when using the application. The developer has to consider if the user experience needs only minor tweaks or an altogether completely different in each platform. Take into account the time and technology involved in your work regarding this as well.



Mobile App design is a big world when it comes to developing an app that is trendy in looks yet effective in productivity as well. The above points will be effective in your quest to serve the user base even more effectively via Mobile Apps.


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