Tipping An Uber Driver With The Help Of The App And No Cash

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The traditional method of tipping an Uber driver with cash for the excellent ride which he or she provided for the rider base is now no longer. Make way for the new methodology of tipping the driver base even when there is no cash available. It all stemmed from the latest update to the official app for the cities associated with the United Kingdom.
In order to carry out this amazing new feature, the user base must have installed the most current version of the Uber app and the older versions don’t feature this option.

When the ride is over, the passenger will be notified to rate the ride. This has to be done so that the option to tip can be seen and availed. However, in some cases, it can be availed even when there is no rating done by the user.

In such cases, where the rider does not prefer to rate the driver, the former can make the tip from the official email related to the trip with out giving the rating.

Additionally, the tipping is not mandatory to be done once the trip is over. It can be done at a later point of time not exceeding 30 days once the ride is completed.

In order to tip a given ride, the ride log from the app’s database has to be availed to bring up the particular trip. Next, featured is a link indicating ‘Add a tip’ which is present below the price associated with that ride

It has to be accessed and it is followed by entering the tip amount on the subsequent screen.

The total amount corresponding to the tip will then be credited to the driver where the company does not associate itself with any cut. The transaction will be done with the help of the card which was also used to pay the particular ride’s entire fare when it was taken.

However, it has to be noted that the rider cannot manipulate anything related to the aspects of credits and gift cards to facilitate the online tipping

The rider who had initially availed the trip alone can make this digital tipping. When they associated with this process, the tip won’t be divided with the other riders who took the ride.

This amazing feature is rolled out in the Uber app for the cities and metropolises from UK, USA, and Canada.

Presently for other regions, they have to wait as the feature has not been rolled out there and the tipping is restricted to the old methodology in the form of cash, in the event the rider wants to do so. Uber noted that regarding the same, it is not mandatory and the company had previously shunned away from implementing a feature which is used to signify gratitude for the driver in the form of thanks for a time period of 6 years.

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