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It is a typical dilemma that prevails across enterprises which have begun as start-ups and also for well-established organizations whether to develop a mobile app or mobile website. To take the advice of a professional it is best to encompass both mobile apps and mobile websites as both of them are vital for the augmentation of the enterprise in progressing forwards.


Much to the astonishment of the reader, as time proceeds, the web traffic usage is rapidly climbing up in the gadgets like the smartphones and tablets. At present, it constitutes 25% of the web traffic.

In order to bolster this information, the analysis associated with mobile apps can be manipulated. In a span of three years, the worth related to mobile app market will increase to $189 billion. The manipulation of mobile website and mobile apps integrated together can result in a stellar performance of the associated enterprise. Below mentioned are points which strengthen the fact.


1. Helpful in generating an effective brand value

Mobile application and mobile website as an amalgamation can prove to be effective in augmenting the enterprise worth and value irrespective of the enterprise domain.

In the event, the enterprise has created a website for itself then the user base can access the site with the help of either a personal computer or a smartphone and an insight related to the services and offerings can be provided.

The implementation of a mobile app for the business will correspondingly augment more users, particularly the sector manipulating smartphones and tablets. It is effective and beneficial if the enterprise suggests the user base to avail the site with the help of the app and regarding the same, the latter has to be attractive and faster with respect to performance and functionality.


2. They are equally capable of meeting the user base’s needs

When considering both the mobile app and mobile website, both of them can meet and satisfy the user base’s needs and desires. However, there should be some good insight regarding the enterprise in initially. It is recommended to narrow down on the particular sector of the user base and then develop both of them effectively. In the event, the enterprise is rolling out a brand new product with respect to the needs of the user base, both of them can be manipulated to brand the product effectively.


3. For enterprise branding, the app and the website can be synced with social media platforms

The responsibility of the social media has never been this clear related to enterprise branding as there is some knowledge regarding the same hitherto.The main underlying aspect is related to developing a mobile app or mobile website. Related to the same social media can be integrated with both in the form of buttons. This combination of both the elements will serve effectively in augmenting the enterprise where the people can avail the social media sites like Facebook or Twitter by manipulating the mobile app or the website.


4. Hindrance free updates

Incessant and constant updates associated with the mobile website and mobile app has to be carried out. This ensures that the brand’s user base can retrieve information about the current products and they can navigate through the site without the concern of it getting lagged and hanged up.


5. Both serve as a portal for the user base to interact with the enterprises

The aspect of user base interaction is definitely an advantageous venture related to the brand. Getting in touch with the user base is feasible by manipulating both the mobile website and the app. This provides instantaneous reply and reviews from the user base related to the particular product. As a consequence, the product is enhanced and can be launched into the market where it is ascertained of prosperity and potential in captivating the user base.


6. Security aspect is enhanced in both the mobile app and the mobile website

The aspect of security is a big worry for the majority of the user base who are navigating through websites or availing mobile apps. It should be reinforced with a strong and complex password in the event there is some personal and private data present. Some websites like PayPal and WordPress have prospered well because of the trust base which the users have on them that the personal data is fortified without the risk of being compromised and undermined. Security can be integrated effectively with both the mobile app and the mobile website



Ultimately, the aspect of arguing which is superior to the other be it a mobile website or a mobile app is a futile venture and this article has emphasized the advantages associated when both the mobile app and website are integrated rather than squandering the time in debating which is better than the other. Both of them must be implemented simultaneously so as to achieve the best outcomes which are needed.


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