The Various Benefits Associated with Technology Outsourcing.

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Every Startup company for sure wants to make it big in the business world with their revolutionary ideas but there are always some challenges in the company’s path to success.

One of them can be a lack of technological expertise. So does this mean the vision of a given startup is doomed?

That is not the case as there is a powerful answer in the form of Technological Outsourcing which is now very common in several business firms.

Earlier some decades earlier, an entrepreneur would have definitely found it absurd to work with someone who was in some other location of the world. But that is no more absurd at present and it is in reality very simple and that effective.

Based on what Deloitte had revealed some time back, companies are outsourcing a colossal 72% of all their IT-related functioning, and they are said to increase this.

You are very much aware of top technological giants like WhatsApp, Slack, and Skype. They had also opted for getting their work outsourced!

Let’s discuss what are the advantages when you contemplate opting for Technological Outsourcing:


(i) Higher scalability:

If you are 100% confident that your idea is indeed that good and promising, you will by default think about scaling your company. However, scaling the technical team to maintain the same momentum is not that easy.

Provided you aren’t sure regarding something, a technological partner that has a distributed team can assist you greatly enough for sure. This is because there are contractual terms and due to the availability of resources on the bench, the hiring process is very quick and scalable enough.

An in-house team can prove to be very costly here as it definitely won’t make your company to smoothly adapt with all the changes that are that fast-paced.

This is one of the reasons for the concept of Technology Outsourcing being a life saviour for all types of Startups.


(ii) Greater focus on other important works:

Now that everything related to Technology is in safe hands, the startups along with the stakeholders can look ahead to focus primarily on formulating strategies for all other things (tools, people involved and work processes included) that are also of great importance for the success of their business. The startups can finish all these works quickly and with dedication as now, they are free from technological related stuff.


(ii) The benefit of Multiskilled Talents:

The chances of success for Startups are further enhanced by associating with Technology Outsourcing seeing that they now have access to experts and advanced technological tools that might have come only from big companies.

This also proves beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a great vision but less technical expertise since these outsourcing partners can help the former in several ways be it formulating User Experience driven strategies or helping to deal with the work involving Functional Feasibility.

They can also work based on a per-project basis to deliver results with great quality like those associated with bigger enterprises.


(iv) Greatly cutting down expenses involved:

Whenever Startups opt for Outsourcing, they don’t have to waste their money in interviews or catering to every employee based needs.
A top United States-based company revealed its findings that Outsourcing can very well help Startups to cut 60% of their overhead expenses.
When it comes to in-house mobile app development teams they are very much costly when compared to getting things Outsourced.


Ending Lines:

Thus summing up everything there is a tremendous enhancement in terms of Efficiency when any startup contemplates Technology Outsourcing. Partnering with an Outsourcing firm can definitely help in strategizing everything related to a Startup’s technological needs so that it can get the best in terms of success and profits in the long run.


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Pyramidion Solutions is as a reliable mobile app development outsourcing partner that is based in Toronto. It has been offering its service to business firms including Startups as well as big established companies from all across the world.

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