The Next Greatest Trends in Mobile Technology Advancements

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Technological advancement is captivating the people in every way and smartphones are no exception to this rule seeing that it occupies a special niche in innovatively changing how we live our lifestyle every day.

Ultimately the million dollar question now is how exactly will the next big thing in Mobile domain arise very soon and enhance the way we live.

To answer that question featured below are some of the current trends related to Mobile Technology which are growing in prominence to finally be put into action.

Mobile app downloads are taking place in the billions and all types of enterprises are manipulating the potential behind mobile apps to augment their businesses, brand effectively and lots more. The following development trends will effectively do the same coupled by how rapidly technological advancement is featured at present.


Advanced Sensors

The timeline of all the smartphones of the year 2015 was well-known for how it offered everything in a single touch. Even though iris scanners are growing in potential, there are still lots more in store for the future. Voice recognition and the way you associate with typing are more than enough to confirm your identity in an instance. No matter if it is about reinforcing your PIN security or your drawing patterns, within 2 years time, no one can even get a peep into your smartphone.


The potential of Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Apps

Taking into account the last few years, the power of AR and VR apps have reached greater popularity with respect to entertainment and other domains as well. This growth will soon reach phenomenal milestones for sure. The embracement and implementation of AR/VR apps will soon give the competitive edge for enterprises.


Intelligent Home Screens

Seeing how prominent Google Now and Siri have made us more associated with our smartphones, it is time to move past them and get more advanced than the aforementioned two. 2020 will show a future where Intelligent Home Screens integrated with the power of Artificial Intelligence will reign supreme in the applications when it comes to services.


Collapsible Electronics

In 2020, the long-awaited dream for reducing the smartphones in terms of dimensions will be a reality for sure. The mobile devices will come with folded options and many more. All such changes will prove beneficial to whatever we need at that time.


Elimination of the annoyance that is Dead Batteries

The battery depleted issue is still a major headache in the present timeline. This can be overcome with advancement in technology for sure which begins with the development of even more powerful batteries. By 2020, invisible battery charging advancements will have made its mark and will have played a major role in the rise of ultra-fast data connections as well at that same time period.

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