The Necessity Of Android Operating System For Social Media Apps

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Currently, the Android platform has contributed a lot for social media to gain a considerable mainstream attention. This is due to the fact that the Android operating system is featured on more than 85% of the smartphones on a global scale. The social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are being availed incessantly from mobile apps related to the Android platform when juxtaposed with the website versions and on other OS platforms like iOS and Windows Phone.


As a consequence, the mobile app developers and enterprises are focusing a lot on social media apps with Android as the basis so as to become even more widespread and have a bigger reach among users.

The website was subject to inception in the late 90s and the user base could develop a personal account and organize all their friends in the profile. Ever since the ambitious debut, social networking has evolved rapidly and at present, it features several things like status sharing, media file sharing, posting comments on other people’s profile and content (Facebook) microblog sharing (Twitter) and lots more.


The inception of mobile devices and tablets have paved a way for the social media users to be associated as the biggest contributor related to worldwide web usage. Several types of research carried out across the globe bolster the fact that the web usage is largely accounted by smart devices rather than desktops. A similar scenario is encountered with respect to manipulation of social media platforms. Their applications are overwhelmed by more visits when evaluated with their website counterparts.


The operational logic of the smartphones and tablets varies a lot when evaluated with personal computers. The user base also finds it easier to avail social network websites through both the former. Coming to personal computers, there is the monotonous and dull process of activating the computer, syncing up with the web and then manipulate the software. Further, the users cannot carry the computers wherever they go. This is all possible in the case of mobile devices which are easily portable and can stay synced with the web indefinitely. Everything related to availing the social platforms is done in a single or relatively few clicks.


In the nations of US and UK, featured among half of the phone users are the smart devices. Android adds to the excitement of the user base as it is for free. Even mobile product developers can manipulate the Google OS Android to make the devices function. And again stating the manipulation is done for free. As a consequence, the pricing of the devices is reduced considerably as there is no need to pay licensing charges of any sort when evaluated with other mobile Operating System platforms


Additionally, the search giant Google has aimed to share its related application development technologies all for free. This is aimed specifically to motivate the developers to develop apps on the Android platform.

Rest assured, for the manipulation of social media application, Android is the best fit. Every social media app’s prospects related to success is proportional to the big user base synced with the same. As aforementioned Android features more than 85% of the market share where it is the best scenario for startups to develop and roll out their social media apps which could potentially absorb millions of smartphone users.



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