The Latest Updates that Promise Greater Interactivity in Instagram

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The latest news regarding the all popular photo sharing app is that there some cool ways to use its stickers to ascertain greater interactivity between each and every Instagrammer.

Let’s now get started!!


(i) Bonding with Music in Instagram Stories:

You can cleverly leverage the overall user experience by integrating a Question Sticker with the Music Library. You can use it to upload your favorite tracks to your story. Speaking of your friends, they can reply to your sticker with a relevant song from the music library.

Whenever this Question Sticker is used, the brand-new music icon is displayed. As your friends start responding, they can select and share a song from the music library. When the viewer’s list is accessed all the responses and the playable songs are featured. As you share all your favorites to your story, you can also snap a photo or video when the music is playing in the background. There are brand-new cool effects that vary as per a given song’s modulation. To enjoy these effects, you have to swipe to “Music” and avail the icons that are featured above the camera capture button.

These features are coming with the latest Instagram versions wherever its music library is available.


(ii) Using Instagram Live to bond even closer with your loved ones:

In addition, the aforementioned Question Sticker can be used in Live as well to offer the best interactivity in questioning all those whom you admire. Intensify the experience of reaching out your favorite professional player or beauty blogger or any other favorite person of yours and get your answers in an equally vibrant way where everything occurs in real time.

This feature has just been released on all the latest versions of both iOS and Android. This facility for broadcasters to share media photos/videos is available in iOS and for the viewers, it is available in both the platforms.


(iii) Creating a Countdown that is devoted to all your Moments:

With the new countdown sticker, that comes with Instagram Stories you can now create an aura of excitement with all your friends by counting down any upcoming moment especially on any special occasion. It is present for both the iOS and the Android platforms all over.

After you snap a photo or record a video, avail one this sticker from the sticker tray and add it to your story. Name it, set the end time and customize everything regarding the countdown before sharing it. It will be in the Sticker tray and you can use it for other stories until the actual countdown expires. Your countdown can be followed or shared and the concerned person will be notified when it ends.


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