The Latest Trends When It Comes to Web Application Development

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The current technological world needs to cater to all the user’s expectations and stay in accordance with all the industrial guidelines so that it can provide the best in terms of amazing digital experience. This signifies that the related content should be accessible in real time from virtually anywhere and in this case a mobile phone. There is explosive growth when it comes to new programming languages and frameworks along with Real-Time Web Applications as well. Speaking of Web Apps they are gaining immense fame all over the world.

With that foreword lets have a detailed look at some of the best Web Application Development Trends that are red hot in the market-


(i) Accelerated Mobile Pages:

This is nothing but an open source project that works to enhance all sorts of web content. It is regarded as a formidable threat to Facebook’s Instant Articles. Sponsored by the Search Giant Google it has gained support from other giants like Twitter and Pinterest. Leveraging the concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages can get you greater visibility, improved site speed, amazing user experience and ultimately you can rake in huge profits for sure.


(ii) Progressive Web Application:

Offering the best in terms of user experience and performance when compared to Native Mobile Apps, PWAs are no doubt the best outcomes when it comes to the evolution of the internet. To quote an exemplary case of a company that embraced PWAs, Flipkart saw a 70% rise in terms of conversations and the time spent on its website was increased threefold. Data usage was reduced by a significant margin and the engagement rate surged by a staggering 40%.


(iii) Single Page Application:

Operating through a browser, these SPAs make use of JavaScript for loading other content and they don’t reload the page when it is in use. In short, everything is neatly organized to be displayed in a single space Some prominent examples of Single Page Applications include Gmail, Google Maps and of course Facebook.


(iv) Chatbots and Live Customer Support:

Although this is an old trend, it is yet to gain fame as being that exceptional. Speaking of substandard customer services it has cost enterprises a sum of 62 million dollars. This implies that being interfaced with your customer base at any time of their preference is very vital to the survival of your business.
Featured now are several bot training programmes that are exceptionally effective in addressing this issue.


(v) Push Notifications:

Being very imperative to drive engagement in mobile apps, Push Notifications can get you huge traffic as well as conversion rates. The need of the hour is to provide a great value in real time by using the power of Push Notification.


(vi) Motion UI:

Motion UI demands that it should be very attractive but this should be achieved only by making use of the most basic approach. This is because adding sophisticated features can surely be pressurizing from the entrepreneur and the developer’s perspective. The UI should help your user to find what they precisely want. This needs a lot of UI/UX analysis and if done cleverly it can create marvels for you in terms of conversion rates.


(vii) Real-Time Web Applications:

Coming to the last one in this list, these apps make use of web sockets to maintain a connection between a given user’s browser and the respective server. The info between both of them is managed that instantly. Compared with its old contemporaries, the users don’t have to request info from the server when it comes to Real Time Web Applications. Speaking of some famous ones they include Skype and Facebook Messenger.


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