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Presently, a revolutionary trend in ride sharing has altered the entire landscape of transportation. The result is that the normal process of availing a taxi is now very streamlined and effective. Then came Mobility which turned out to be needed one but yet it was also insufficient in terms of usage at times. Thereby, it caused huge traffic congestion for every person to use. Ride Sharing concept emerged as the savior to tackle this congestion related problem.


Rather than providing a cab for a sole person, more people can avail the same cab, and they can share the amount. Modern technology is responsible for this online taxi booking trend to be an effective solution for transportation where everything is accomplished through an app that can arrange a ride request. Now several entrepreneurs have realized how lucrative this business can really be and therefore are contemplating to launch their own Uber or Lyft Clone. A normal citizen is now very well aware of the fact that he or she can just take out his mobile, search for the taxi app and then get a cab booked at a convenient time. It is that normal nowadays. Surely we never would have we imagined that Mobility was indeed the solution to enhance the ride-sharing business to its present state.


Also, there is definitely the concern of all the existing taxi dispatches going extinct due to the dominance of this online ride booking trend. Leaving that aside, the steps involved in finding a good solution for the ride-sharing business implies analyzing the performance of the existing services and also in finding how they grew up. Uber and Lyft are definitely the classic exemplars which made the world realize about this peer to peer ride sharing trend that is completely taking the world by storm. Now, what exactly did they offer to get such a huge name in the first place? The answer is simple- They focused solely on providing quick yet convenient transportation services.


Should you contemplate starting your very own ride-sharing business, then concentrate on the level of convenience that you will give to your customer base. Ultimately it boils down to getting a website or a mobile app developed for this business. That is exactly where the Uber Clone Script comes into the picture.


The mandatory features in the Rider app include some following –

  • Authenticated Riders
  • Easy Sign Up
  • Requests that are Ultra-Fast
  • Complete Trip details
  • Instant Notifications


Coming to the Features that actually define a Driver App they include –

  • Document Management
  • Option to Cancel
  • Ratings and Feedback
  • Earnings based Report
  • Status to check Activation
  • Chart based Data information

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