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The broadcast of UX Design in Mobile App Development: 6 Trends for 2020

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Mobile App development is an act of developing applications for various mobile devices based on factors like screen sizes, hardware specifications, and some other configurations.

What’s the role of UX design in Mobile App development?
Efficient User Experience (UX) design plays a humongous role in transforming a normal app into a visually appealing application. So, if you’re wondering what does User experience (UX) composed of? It’s a pack of human feelings, perceptions, and preferences while using a particular application. Complete research of your target audience is one of the decisive ways to build an efficient UX design.

Moreover, an efficient User Experience (UX) design for your Mobile Application helps you achieve these things;

  1. Increased Return on Investment (ROI) for your business as a result of persistent customer satisfaction
  2. Helps to maintain a good rapport with your target audience that also increases the credibility of your brand/business.

Efficient UX design finds a more important place in mobile app development like never before. Mobile App development companies need to keep track of emerging UX trends to cope up with the changing demands of mobile users. Well! Not sure about others, but we (Pyramidion Solutions) certainly do keep track of those!
This article is all about the prominent UX design trends on our radar that has all the potential to go big in 2020.

Voice User Interface (VUI)
Recent surveys are depicting that the use of virtual or voice assistant feature will increase by 25% in 2020. On top of that, more than 30% of Smartphone users tend to use voice technology at least once in five days. To put this into context, mobile app development companies are slowly starting to incorporate the voice-user interface (VUI).
However, the Accessibility issues are one of the concerns while implementing current voice technologies. Heavy accents or the presence of background noises leading to difficulties in detecting the instructions accurately. While implementing voice-only systems, it’s not advisable to completely leave behind the users affected with articulation disorders, stuttering, etc.

UX personalization
In short, Personalization is an act of foreseeing what the users looking to extract from your website or application or product. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play a vital role in understanding user behaviour.
We, at Pyramidion Solutions, normally build the in-app content based on user location, purchase behaviour, and events.

New Navigational elements
Mobile devices’ displays are changing in recent days as a result of evolving technologies. The release of the iPhone X has increased the needs of new and compatible mobile UX design. Well! It can be tricky at times to carry out new designs because the majority of the users will be already familiar with a particular navigation style.

Vertical navigation bars have received a good response from the users though! We, at Pyramidion Solutions, would like to suggest you thread your web carefully and avoid confusing the users.

Well! That’s it my friends. If you want to read more about Top UX trends in Mobile App development, do visit our website. Happy 2020!

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