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In this present timeline, there are billions of people who are charmed by smartphones and mobile apps. It is imperative that as an enterprise you have to build a mobile app to survive in this competitive landscape. However, the work involved in getting a mobile app ready isn’t that easy and economical when we take the time/ cost factor into account.

There are some typical cases associated with mobile app development where you either back away seeing that you don’t have the cash to fund the work or it could be that you quickly want the development work done so that you can start marketing.

This article will tell how exactly you can economically deal with the latter by applying some powerful tools that are present in the market. These tools not only get the job done quickly but as well provide you the ample time to concentrate on other work like integrating amazing features or resolving bugs/issues.

So let’s move ahead and look in detail regarding some of the best tools in the market at present-

(i) Parse Server:

As an open source cloud back-end, Parse Server offers everything in terms of scalability and customization. An app developer can use it to concentrate more on building a robust application that is feature-rich while simultaneously cutting down the time dealing with back-end services and web servers.

File Storage, Push Notifications, User Management, and advanced Cloud operations are some of the noteworthy benefits associated with Parse Server.

It is compatible with some major platforms like Android, iOS, PHP, and PHP.

(ii) Fastlane:

With a focus on the powerful Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment based practices, this free open source tool ensures that on the development of a new app version, it is automatically pushed to the end users as well as the beta tester.

The common benefits that are associated with Fastlane when it comes to automation include the following-

a.Automation of app screenshot based creations when taking the case of various devices and languages.

b. Automating the process of code signing for the team.

c. Automating the work involved in the distribution of app beta builds, code management and logging of every app-related changes.

d. Automating other important things like App publishing, submission of the app for reviews and uploading screenshots to name a few.

Speaking of customization, it offers unlimited liberty to the app developers so that they can innovatively develop their own plugins and actions.

Fastlane is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

(iii) Basic for Android:

Also known as B4A, you can integrate it with your mobile app development work to accelerate the entire process by a huge margin.

For developing Android Apps using the BASIC programming languages, B4A is indeed the best option seeing that it has a robust IDE and interpreter. Other features comprise of the likes of a visual editor and the option for wireless debugging as well.

(iv) App Design Templates:

The modern era app users are inclined towards smartly marketed applications that offer the best in terms of user experience.

We know how app development work is tough whenever we bring cost and time into the picture. Even though there is the probability that you might have some in-house designers, there is always the likelihood that they won’t be good enough.

The only good resolution to this dilemma is to embrace and adopt a design template. This template is nothing but a pre-designed graphics that are already developed. If properly used, it can save a great deal of time and costs associated with your app development work. They also offer a touch of customization as well.


Thereby if you are inclined towards mobile app development, all these aforementioned tools can smartly finish your work in the shortest possible time and thereby help in the speedy launch of your app.

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