The Best Mobile Application Development Frameworks to Watch Out in 2019

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A typical question that arises in the minds of application developers is choosing the right mobile app development framework to get the work done well.

At present in the mobile app development world, it is imperative to choose a framework which facilitates the conversion of an app from one platform to another. All the cross-platform mobile app development frameworks are considered chiefly because the work involved in app development is simplified.

So this article will elucidate the best frameworks that are there in the market at present-


a. Adobe PhoneGap:

This cross-platform development framework facilitates you to see immediate changes in the work. What’s more, the apps are ascertained to be optimized in terms of performance and can be created easily without any hardware restrictions. It is used to develop apps for several other platforms apart from iOS and Android.


b. Ionic Mobile App Development Framework:

This popular yet free framework can be used to develop native-like mobile apps by using HTML, CSS3, and Javascript. It ensures that the application gets launched into the market in the best possible way. It also ensures the best performance in the latest devices. It is as well the right fit when it comes to PWA development.


c. Xamarin:

Built by the software giant Microsoft, all the developers can use Xamarin to build apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The coding work is done quickly and it can be shared across several platforms as well.


d. Intel XDK:

Speaking of this cross-platform mobile app development framework, it greatly assists the developer base in all the phases related to the development. It can be used to develop apps that are responsive and interactive with any type of device.


e. Respond Native:

One of the best when it comes to mobile app development frameworks, this brainchild of Facebook is used by several top-ranking enterprises. The rich UI which it offers has made the developer base enthralled with it. By wielding the power of JavaScript framework it ascertains to develop a never before seen mobile app that is exceptionally robust.


f. Flutter:

This framework can be termed as that special because of its engine Skia which is used to create stunning visuals. The Development team is benefitted by leaps and bounds when it comes to testing seeing that there is no need to start every work from the scratch should any error occur.


g. Corona SDK:

Opting for Corona SDK assures that the speed related to the work in development is accelerated by 10 times thanks to its amazing coding language which is Lua. The quality of the app is never ever affected due to the speed in development.


h. Mobile Angular UI:

This framework can be termed as an integration of Bootstrap and Angular framework which ascertains easy development of apps that are sophisticated. It is the best choice over React Native when taking performance into account.


i. JQuery Mobile:

This framework is chiefly known for the fact that a single code developed using it can be used on different devices and Operating Systems as well.

Other powerful frameworks that are popular include the likes of Framework 7, Appcelerator Titanium and Sencha Touch to name a few.

Framework 7 can speed up the work in getting a prototype developed for your product. It also comes with browser history, caching, native scrolling and the such.

The second one allows you to reuse the app once more which paves way for the reduction in both time and cost.

Speaking of Sencha Touch, it gives powerful visuals and ascertains optimization in the performance of your app. Other features include a drag and drop option and the fact that it can be used on a large assortment of products as well.


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