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In the present era, people are enthralled by smartphones and they desire all the required information to be present at their fingertips. In this scenario emerges the presence of online magazines which are a credible and in demand source of entertainment catering to the needs of the users. Irrespective of the varying domains of the ventures, all enterprises which maintain an online existence have incorporated a mobile app to augment their businesses. This results in the formation of news apps which augments the prospects of digital magazines.

Nearly all newspaper organisations are now possessing a mobile app to entice its existing users and generate new users as well. They are also used to augment the enterprises with virtual advertisements. Coming to magazines, they have also incorporated a hitch free smooth & enthralling reading experience for their followers with the help of mobile apps.

Good User Interface

Typically a news app constitutes a good user interface which is appealing and much interesting and easy to use. Such an interface permits the users to make their search options much more streamlined, mark some sections and save the content for future reading. More attractive attributes can be integrated into any news app. Apart from published content articles, the app provides the users with the aspect to display relevant video, audio and image data captivating the users even further.

The news content can be modified as per needs. The news app can be developed such that the current news that is the talk of the town can be displayed by highlighting them on the main page. Imbibing the user interface of the news app with rich content, the users are bound to encounter a great reading style.

Generating revenue by a new channel

Any news magazine, in the physical or digital presence, features several methods to augment revenue via ads, paid articles and subscriptions to name a few. The reader base is directly proportional to the revenue. However, when coming to news apps in the midst of the smartphone mania, it is a good thing to analyse the scenario with respect to converting the apps into a new source of good profit. It is typical that news app users reach out such apps to become engaged in good and captivating content related to their preferences. It has to be noted that readers are not captivated by banner advertisements and they avoid them as much as possible. It is best to avoid such pop-up ads as users are only focused on the content of the news rather than the ads.

News app ascertains that its users can have a great reading experience and at the same time show the ads in such a way that they don’t irritate the users and divert them from the content they are reading, yet at the same time display the ads.

Push Notifications

Coming to digital or physical magazines, they are accessed depending upon the wish of the users. However, if online magazines are integrated as a news app, then push notification aspect can be enabled to alert the users regarding any important news or any current vogues present.These notification features can also be enabled or disabled by the users. News apps are the only means which integrate these features to captivate its reader base.

Relating to Social Media

It is typical that users who read the magazine are faithful end users. However, in order to reach the rest of the world and augment the user base, social media is the solution to this query in order to promote the app. Branding the app on a social media can generate large volumes of users. Further, the news apps can also permit the users to share and display certain news on the social media. As a result, the users are engrossed with the magazine thereby increasing the number of users and initiates the sales increase of the magazine.

Simple Navigation

Related to magazines, the main goal is to provide the readers with some fresh and captivating news which is linked to what the readers want. Several groups are created in the news app and the reader can go with any one of the alternatives. Thus a hub is created where readers can view articles of all categorizations. With the help of news apps, the related articles can be accentuated and spotlighted at the bottom of a news content and further, breaking news and live videos can be placed such that app users can easily avail them.

The aforementioned aspects can be integrated into a news app to promote the digital magazine and to ascertain that the news app reaches out and captivates the people from all over the globe.To conclude, designing a mobile app related to news is not a hindrance thanks to the current technologies which are present in the iOS and Android platforms.

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