The Beginner’s Guide to App Store Optimization

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By now you would have known what exactly is Search Engine Optimization in perspective of an entrepreneur who wants brand visibility in the digital domain and one which is that effective. What about the concept of ASO?

This article will elucidate you precisely what that term means by taking it’s cousin SEO as a reference so that you can finally optimize your mobile application that good.

We know that SEO is made for making an enterprise visible via the web. Now coming to the next point, as evident from the name itself, the Application Store Optimization technique is used in the App Store.

Both ASO and SEO do have something in common however despite being used for different purposes.

To take a case, when it comes to effectively using keywords for the application’s title, the keyword is inserted on the left and the name of the enterprise is featured on the right. Taking that into account, Google will give higher rankings in this case. Both the ASO and SEO techniques can leverage this.


Explaining ASO in terms of SEO:

Both these techniques make use of different terminologies for related aspects. The term Title in SEO is named App Name or Title in case of ASO. Coming to h1 tags in SEO, its ASO equivalent goes by the word subtitle or short description.

Featured in SEO is the Content where the Title can be expanded and detailed through means of clever placement of the keywords along with using long phrases as well. The goal is to make the work effective to gather greater visibility. For ASO the characters are limited when contrasted with SEO.

Typically although SEO is also an integral part with respect to ASO, they don’t go by a common name.

Now that gave a basic overview of what ASO is.

Moving on to the next, there are millions of mobile applications in the App Stores. To make your app stand out from this huge crowd, ASO plays a major role in contributing to the App’s search ranking via effective research related to the specific keywords and does the necessary optimization to it. This is just one of ASO’s strategies that will give your application the edge in terms of visibility.

Thus that should have given an overview to you about how good ASO is from a beginner’s perspective. More and more enterprises are opting for it to gain more visibility for their applications seeing how it contributes well to shaping the success of your application and thereby your whole business.


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Pyramidion Solutions is an IT service provider in India primarily known for its reputation in reliable mobile application development all across the nation. The Chennai based brand also has branched out into providing other technological services like Digital Marketing with major expertise in the techniques of SEO and ASO.

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