Technology Trends That Will Make the Retail Industry Reign Supreme in 2019

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Previously some few years ago shopping plazas and malls were bustling with activity and excitement. Featured were lots of items to be shopped and there were many service personnel who were providing the best in terms of customer service to give you the best experience.

Then came the boom in smartphones and mobile applications. People utilized them to make online purchases.

Fast forwarding to the present now several of these malls are literally half empty and very silent. Even the people who visit them are just doing window shopping. This is because they never embraced the power of e-Commerce and are now facing dire consequences in continuing their business successfully like in the past.

Speaking of the Retail industry, it has to adapt to the ever-evolving technological trends if it has to survive. Thereby related to the above point this article will elucidate the top technological trends for 2019 which can definitely add a new lease of life to the Retail enterprises.

(i)The Internet of Things:

There is a proliferation of Smart TVs, Smart ACs, Smart Fridges and lots more at present. This is enough to signify how widespread and cheap IoT actually is. Detailing further there is the robust progress of iBeacon to offer the best in terms of customized services. Then there is the notable case of Amazon Dash Button. The list is endless. Thereby this is the right time for you to develop a mobile app that is infused with IoT in functioning.

(ii) On-Demand Apps:

Its a fact that people of the present are inclined to avail things and services on demand at the time of their choosing. This can be capitalized by incorporating On-Demand Apps into the picture. Now there are On-Demand Apps for virtually any purpose be it Food Delivery, Taxi Booking, Medicinal Treatment etc. Already it is proved that this trend is going to be ever popular. This is enough for service providers to immediately leverage this trend and feature an On Demand Mobile App for their businesses.

(iii) Chatbot Technology:

For any enterprise that focuses on selling quality products at economical rates to achieve astounding success, it is imperative to provide the best in terms of customer services. This mandates to include more workforce to achieve that. This is indeed a very taxing venture and a real pain in the neck.

Thanks to Chatbot technology, this troublesome chapter in the past is thankfully closed. People who are oriented to the digital realm in terms of shopping prefer communication via chat windows rather than telephonic calls or in-person conversations. Chatbot can be leveraged to address all the typical issues in the right manner and there is a reduction in manpower as well.

In short, chatbots offer good services and reduce the staff personnel numbers at the same time.

(iv) Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality has made strides in terms of technological progress and is a notable example of advanced evolution when it comes to the digital domain. Taking a case, it can be used by Architectures to showcase their work effectively to the customer base by interactive and amazing visual means. Both the parties are benefitted where the customers can gain greater insight related to the work and this helps them in their decision to make the purchase. The designers can accumulate the feedback generated by the customers related to their work and they can refine their work in the future accordingly.

Ending Lines:

Technological evolution is rapid and it is imperative that you embrace it for the betterment of your business. Adapting all the trends mentioned in this article will ascertain a great future for your Retail business.

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Being an IT service provider which started out as Mobile Application Development Company in Chennai and rose to the top ranks in a short while, Pyramidion Solutions is ceaseless in its quest to gain knowledge about the digital world. It is ever abreast with the latest digital trends so as to serve the people even better. Augmented Reality, Chatbots, and Artificial Intelligence are some of its prime specialties apart from Mobile Apps.

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