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It’s typical that you want your product to be a smash hit. However, it should be done most cost-effectively. However, in doing so, cutting down product designers won’t be a brilliant idea indeed.
Product design is daunting, and it all boils down to problem-solving. But doing it, productively needs a team effort. We will see why it’s mandatory to get product design correctly and why a team of product designers is better than a single designer.

Why product design and design thinking is imperative
When the first iPhone debuted, some enterprises didn’t see the vast potential within it. The massive boom in the growth of mobile devices also didn’t make them interested in making their products mobile-ready. Now such companies are extinct.
Other enterprises tried to get ahead of the competition by employing innovation, but the consequences were disastrous.

All these enterprises failed to put the user at the centre of their designs.
Every enterprise must start with humans despite ambitious business goals. Designers must observe and listen to people. They should have empathy and should solve problems in the end. Successful products are those customised as per the user’s requirements.

Understandably, users won’t try out a product again after it has failed to impress them in the beginning. Despite how appealing the visual layer is, user loyalty won’t augment. As returning visitors or customers occupy top priority over new ones and its more expensive to attract the latter than retaining the former, it’s essential to get everything right.
It boils down to the fact that design thinking is business thinking.

So why should we use a product design team?
Since it’s imperative to get product design right in the best way, it has to be taken care of in the best way. Usually, one designer won’t be enough seeing how intricate problem-solving and user-centred design is. Let’s see why hiring a product design team is the best option

Get a range of expertise.
To understand Digital Product Design, you have to know a lot about UI/UX Design along with a scalable approach and multidisciplinary skills as well. It’s tough to find people who can cover all these areas by themselves. There is a vast domain of specialisations inside product design. There are lots of designers ranging from visual designers, business analysis-oriented designers and designers with the expertise in motion design and interactions. Its hard luck to find a person having all those skills and its a simple task to fill all the critical roles in the product design process with lots of other people.

So the best option here is to develop several ideas as much as possible before jumping into the best one. Thereby if there is a team where every member knows, and needed expertise, the idea generation process will happen smoothly and seamlessly.

There is also the need for processes and frameworks to realise this
‘Fire-and-forget’ doesn’t apply to design.

Product design is a continuous process like software development. Something can be developed in a week, but it won’t be the best solution for you or your client’s problems.

Real users must test the final designs, and then they have to be analysed, iterated and retested once more. It is a fact that web/mobile design is never perfect, and that has to be accepted, seeing that the guidelines and criteria keep varying all the time.

Furthermore, the product will also need long-term support when it comes to the thinking process and knowledge base. There is the need of people who will remember why some decisions were taken in the first place. Product ownership is very much a real understanding of the product and how it functions in the real environment.

Product design is very much crucial for a product’s success, and most of the users won’t give it a second chance if it doesn’t impress them in the first time itself. Its a gamble to be the first company to the market with an original product. But the rewards are great if it is carried out with a human-centred approach.

Both analysis and implementation are essential here. However, the lack of a highly multi-talented team which knows how to impress the customers may make creativity very difficult, and the probability of failure will increase.
Team spirit won’t eliminate the product design troubles, but it will pave the way for creating a successful product in the end.

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Monish Sinthala is the CEO at Pyramidion Solutions, a company that specializes in Mobile application development for clients ranging from startup to enterprise-level businesses. He writes on mobile app and mobile app development in his free time and likes to mentor aspiring youngsters in mobile app development.

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