Some Insight About The Rolled Out UberFLASH And UberTAXI

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Ride hailing service giant Uber in Malaysia noted the inception of two brand new attributes which are associated with providing effective security, trust and making the service more accessible.

The services launched go by the name UberFLASH which serves to link the prospective riders with the driver-partner who are in the closest vicinity irrespective of whether it is associated with UberX or a cab associated with the e-hailing service. The other roll out was UberTAXI from which taxi cabs can be availed with the help of the app.

The general manager for Uber Malaysia and Singapore Mr. Warren noted that both the ventures were part of a total upheaval process associated with enhancing the service effectively for all the people associated namely the driver partners, the passengers and the cities as well.

He noted that the manipulation of technology was done to associate and use the present resources out on the streets and roads in a productive way so that the brand could assist even more riders and can pave the way to an even shorter arrival time.


Warren noted that the inception of the services will be helpful in helping the driver base to be furnished with the options related to effective income generation for them.

UberFLASH and UberTAXI are targeting to sustain the overall Land Public Transport Commission’s motto to enhance and revolutionize the total mode of public transport.

Strides and efforts were made to manipulate the existing technology and as a result, ascertain a great experience for the driver base and the passengers all which is done with a single click of a button, he noted.

An executive of SPAD said that the new ventures on part of Uber serve to signify how the technology can be exploited with the help of the long standing aspects related to public transportation

He added that with the help of the services, the Uber organization in Malaysia can serve to reinforce and realize the proposal of an effective land public transportation which greatly benefits the public. The system will be enhanced and will be availed with ease he stated.

Related to the issues associated with the services of the ride hailing giant and the user experience as a whole, Mr.Warren noted that with the help of UberFLASH and UberTAXI, the Uber brand is focused on a future where there is a high standard of experience for the passengers and the driver base as well.


Further detailed was that Uber will maintain the level of standard for the driver base and vehicles and it will be further enhanced to the next level by manipulating the app associated with the mandatory requirement for the implementation of background checks and verification for the driver base.


The other attributes which were responsible for a memorable experience of manipulating Uber for rides namely the rating system feature and the user support framework are all part of the ambitious ventures taken by Uber related to the launch


The UberFLASH rides costing will be equivalent to that of uberX and an estimation of the fares will be provided prior to the ride for the passengers.

The rides were also noted to be associated with a small wait time as it is predicted that the riders will be picked up by any vehicle in the close vicinity encompassing taxis.


The pricing for UberTAXI will be comparable to that of the fares associated with SPAD’s taxi meter rates

Both the drivers and riders will be equally and mutually benefitted from the services. The passengers will be subject to a speedy pickup experience whereas the driver base will gain from the manipulation of Uber’s sophisticated technology to generate rides and gain more incentives and profits thanks to augmented productivity.

The same will decrease waiting times and as a consequence promotes to a greater need of Uber’s services by the rider base related to the aspect of ride sharing he concluded.


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