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Flutter App Development has been in the upward movement since its mainstream inception and the graph seems to continue upwards. Flutter App Developers are coming together as a community to lead this movement. Flutter can be used as a cross-platform application by writing apps in the codebase for different platforms. Flutter’s popularity is owed to how easy it is to develop a cross-platform app that feels like using a native app. But when you develop a mobile application using Flutter, as an entrepreneur you should know all its faces. So in this blog, we will weigh its pros and cons along with how different it is from React. 

Flutter has gained popularity since its emergence. Initiated in 2013 by Google, Flutter is an open-source framework that can help you develop cross-platform applications using a single code base. So the development of apps becomes quick, easy, and smooth.  Flutter’s UI toolkit has a beautiful and charming UI that contributes to a user-friendly UX. 

Advantages of Flutter

  • The applications you make are extremely smooth and consistent in Flutter, i.e., they don’t hang or cut while looking over. 
  • As the app is created using one code for two platforms, developers have to make fewer tests only. Thus, developers can write automatic tests once, and Quality Assurance takes less time. 
  • If you are a startup building a Minimal Viable Product to pitch in front of an investor, then Flutter is a great option. 
  • Flutter can be used to get old widgets or make new ones to design your UI. This equivalent UI will work in previous versions of Android and IOS. 
  • Developing apps through Flutter is quick and efficient.

Cons of Flutter

  • Flutter is making waves but is not as widely adopted as the other popular frameworks yet. This can considerably increase the time spent on custom development. 
  • Though the Flutter library is rich, it is limited and is still in its initial growth phase. 
  • Apps developed by Flutter are not supported by web browsers yet. So, it is not possible to develop Web Apps with Flutter.
  • The size of apps developed using Flutter is above average. 
  • Dart, the language used in Flutter, is not yet popular. The learning curve has to be taken into consideration whether you are developing in-house or getting an agency to develop it.

Flutter  v/s React Native. Which is better?

To begin with, React Native was initiated by Facebook for its initial purpose and was made open source in 2015. Since then, React Native and Flutter have gotten the same level of popularity for app developments. 

The buzz created by Flutter and React Native is the same in the market as both serve almost the same purposes. Many have doubts regarding which framework to use for developing apps. Let’s see which is better on different factors and will compare from the development perspective. 

  1. Performance – React Native is powered by a JavaScript aqueduct which hinders its exhibition, while Flutter smoothes out this interaction by not utilizing JavaScript. Thus, everything works quicker in Flutter. Indeed, even the progressions that you make in Flutter are immediately found in the application while it takes time to React Native. 
  1. Programming language – Flutter utilizes Dart as its customizing language while React Native runs on JavaScript. Dart is another programming language with lots of easy-to-use features, but it isn’t near the notoriety of JavaScript. JavaScript is broadly utilized and is not difficult to embrace for developers. 
  1. User Interface – The User Interface has the ability to make or break an app. Flutter offers you tools where you can make your own gadget that can change native components. You can likewise take motivation from the native gadget too. React Native emphasizes the native components for cross-platform development. Developers can choose from a host of outside UI toolkits that are much better than Flutter.
  1. Code Structure- This is a significant aspect concerning whether the developer can code without any problem. Flutter empowers you to code everything from a solitary area, and you can access all the tools. Flutter makes it even in the Flutter React Native race.

Thus, it is proved that Flutter is better for mobile app development. That’s why it is in high demand. 

Hope this blog gives you an insight into Flutter App Development and how it stands against other frameworks and how it is going to work for you in a better way.  Flutter has made the work easy for developers with its features and user-friendly toolkits. For your next mobile app project, approach a Flutter App Development Company to understand the specifics of how it can be the best choice for your business idea.

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