Selfies To Be Made Mandatory Before Any Uber Associated Ride

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Featured is an ambitious venture related to tackling the prevailing issue of unregistered drivers who fraudulently associate themselves with the ride hailing giant Uber.

Last Thursday, the Uber organization rolled out a new feature where the driver base had to take a selfie prior to accepting rides. It is in the form of an identity verification which is based on facial scrutinization.
The venture is to prevent the aspect of forgery related to the driver information and to purge the fraudulent activities associated with the driver base who are not registered with Uber.

These effective attributes were launched in many cities from Central and North India and will soon be made available in other metropolises and cities as well.

Apurva Dalal, who is a high ranking executive in Uber occupying the role as the Head of Engineering for the company’s Indian base noted that the implementation of technology so as to streamline and make the responsibilities serve in a more lucid way is done so as to generate a far reaching friendly and productive change for the benefits of the driver partners and the rider base who avails the company’s services.

This new venture with regards to authentication of Uber drivers is technologically designed so that it is compatible with low-end and other feature phones as well.

During the process, when the driver generates a selfie for authentication, the important details related to the driver are assimilated from the selfie and steps are done to ensure that the image matches the one that is stored in the big database of Uber. The whole process takes place in real time associated with IT backhaul.

Apurva noted that previously, attempts were associated with the proposals to feature voice and gesture authentication. However, they proved to be futile as both of them were not in phase with the growing market due to the main reason that the penetration factor associated with smartphones is not complete and adequate. This paved way for the inception of facial recognition, taking into aspect the fact that at present almost every mobile device features a camera along with it.

In order to promote a round the clock service, several people from the driver base are operating in shifts. This does not promote any way to the rider base’s safety where the latter is not made aware beforehand regarding the background information and the reviews associated with the particular driver who is driving them to their destinations.

Integrating IoT sensors in cabs

Further, the ride hailing giant is also brainstorming innovative approaches to track and supervise the cabs condition. It is making strategies to augment the vehicles with Internet of Things sensors so as to keep an eye on the vehicles’ health in real time.

The proposed plans include analyzing the engine, provide notifications related to hard breaking and to be alerted when there is zig-zag movement associated with the vehicle to identify if rash driving is taking place.

Apurva further noted that, this venture is also related to safety and that it is made sure that the car is supremely fit and capable with respect to driving where the sensor information and readings will aid in ensuring that aspect.

Uber, on the other hand, has joined forces with law enforcement associated people along with NGOs and even the Government so as to ascertain that there is effective safety related to every level be it city or country.

Uber also has collaborated with the law enforcing agencies from Delhi so as to provide instant access to the ambitious women safety mobile app named Himmat. Further, it has also allied with the bars in the city so as to tackle and oppose the aspect of driving under influence.

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