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Scheduling WhatsApp messages on Android devices

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At present, WhatsApp is a dominant instant messaging app where it makes users manipulate it consistently. Although the app, allows the user base to transmit data like messages, images, and videos in a jiffy, there is always a scenario where the user has to transmit a message to anyone at a given time. This feature is not present in WhatsApp but the app can be tweaked to carry out that functionality.


Featured are few mobile apps in the Google Play Store which facilitates scheduling chats, pictures and videos as well. It is feasible on both the rooted and unrooted Android devices. Although featured are some restrictions in the basic version, purchase of the complete version will allow all the attributes to function effectively. Below mentioned are few of the WhatsApp scheduler apps and their operations.


Apps which assist in scheduling WhatsApp messages

From the Google Play Store, the apps which serve this purpose with relative ease are ‘Scheduler NO ROOT’ and ‘Scheduler for WhatsApp’. These apps served the purpose very well. Coming to the case of rooted Android products, the preferred choice is ‘Seebye Scheduler ROOT’.


Once the installation is done, the apps have to be availed and authorized with permissions. Further, the user has to open Settings, then Accessibility and finally Services to activate the functionality.


How to schedule WhatsApp messages

In order to schedule WhatsApp messages, the ‘Scheduler for WhatsApp’ has to be availed and the ‘+’ icon which is present at the bottom left has to be activated. Next, the user has to opt between WhatsApp group or individual contact and then the recipient has to be chosen. After that, the user has to opt for the timing when the message has to be conveyed, followed by the consistency and the message itself. The frequency associated can be once, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly with respect to the scheduled messages.


Provided the user wants to remind anybody related to something each day, then the choice of Daily can be selected. Provided the user has assigned a particular time and message, the message will be conveyed to the group or individual contact at the selected time on a daily basis. Finally, the user has to click Create and finally the message will be organized to be conveyed at the scheduled time.


In order to facilitate this, the smartphone screen must be unlocked, where PIN, Fingerprint Lock, and Pattern should not be enabled. The reason being is that these apps cannot circumvent the locked screens. Hence of the user schedules a message at say 12:00 PM but the screen is unlocked only at 1:00 PM, then only the scheduled message be converted. In the case of rooted Android products, the apps dont have any issue with the locked screen and can send the message at the scheduled time itself.


Even though this may be a bit disadvantageous for unrooted devices, it is assured that the work is accomplished as soon as the security screen is deactivated.

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