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When the first smartphone came into the scene two decades ago, would you have forecasted how integral a part of your life it will turn out to be? Smartphones together with fast Internet access means that we are spending a lot of time online compared to 5 years ago. There are several statistics which highlight the number of times a person uses a smartphone.

The field of mobile application development sees a rapid transformation. Now we will see some of the essential trends of mobile application development.


The blockchain technology

Blockchain technology took the industry by storm in 2018. It is essential to be aware that the app developers are prepared to get into this scope. One possible way to make this happen is by letting technology to get reached by more investors also.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Nowadays, both the manufacturing and medical service domains have endeavored to enhance efficiency by utilizing AI. It can provide high accuracy in real-time.


Rise of on-demand apps

Nowadays there are various on-demand apps. Popular brands including Uber have gained importance because of the on-demand apps.


Launching wearable apps

During the year 2018, the medical domain has utilized wearable apps daily. Besides the medical realm, various organizations are keen on including this development. The primary advantage of advanced wearable apps is enhancing people’s style and personality. This occurs with the fast growth of the smartwatches. But there’s also a probability that the smartwatches will have various fancy apps too.



There is a requirement of having a real-time interaction between the service providers and the customers. 2019 will see the chatbots establish their presence in several communications section in the whole mobile app world.


The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things of nowadays has begun to walk in the path of operations. The growing importance of IOT gets motivated by multiple interlinking aspects of an organization. Therefore, several entities can experience fast and secure data access inside the organization.


Virtual reality and augmented reality

The highlight of this application is that it can offer an engaging and perceptive user experience. That said, most of the mobile app development companies nowadays are expanding their investment on technologies that go beyond the screen.


Launching more instant apps

The mobile app platform has gained much attention from mobile users. This trend will continue in the following years too as users don’t need to get these applications installed to control the services.


Mobile payment

The banking platforms too will march ahead in 2019. This is due to the rise in mobile application development. The development of e-commerce with other online solutions will assist the banks in making sure that the payment processes are more organized and convenient.

Now we have seen some of the significant mobile application development trends that you should be mindful of in 2019.

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