How Top Companies Thrive With ReactJS?

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Every technology has played a massive role in a business and its users. Enterprises and developers adopt many technical elements, specifically, the ReactJS library, to stand out as global standards. It also helps in facilitating reusable UI components and customizing by redesigning. That is why mobile app development companies in Chennai are keen on robust analysis of libraries like ReactJS. It helps build business web pages and mobile applications for big giants and startups. Let’s explore the prime examples of successful enterprises using ReactJS and their benefits.

#1 What Is the ReactJS Library?

The main purpose of the ReactJS front-end library is to initiate the building of intuitive user interfaces. Regarding enhancing user experience, ReactJS will help create a secure and scalable application and interface. It’s a simple way to build vast and reliable webpages integrating HTML, CSS, and more. 

ReactJS is used explicitly to create a single web page and mobile applications. The interaction of a website will get increased with the help of this feature. In order to improve your app’s performance and functionality, ReactJS implements the DOM element with cross-browser functionality. 

#2 Why Is ReactJS Essential?

A 2022 survey shows  69% of developers have used ReactJS. The maintenance of coding is easier and more flexible while using ReactJS. It helps avoid business and developers’ time and cost constraints while considering producing a helpful website. Since it is a virtual DOM-based, the slow loading and complex apps run faster and make changes swiftly. 

ReactJS is the most popular and efficient front-end library in the world. The document’s analytic system is well-defined by ReactJS in the funnel structure using the DOM. If your enterprises need to build a scalable web page using the front-end tool, think of partners in mobile app development in Chennai or the long haul.

#3 What Are the Top Benefits of Using ReactJS?

Quick to Grasp

The coding knowledge of React can quickly learn and optimize accordingly. A programmer with a basic idea of Java script is accessible in learning ReactJS Library. It has an enriched ecosystem where you can connect vast developers and components, and it also helps fix bugs using its React tools.

Resilient Codebase

ReactJS has a solid inbuilt architecture where its coding is designed as a system, funnel, or tree. It means that if any error or problem occurs on the subcode will not affect the master one. This aptitude will make the app or website stable.

Quick rendering

In the beginning, DOM got mentioned in broad areas, but here, genuine assistance is worth its weight in gold. Document Object Model will understand the fluctuation of codings, make changes in the webpage display, and optimize efficiency. ReactJS’s fast rendering allows for a smoother user experience by minimizing time.

SEO Friendly

ReactJS is SEO friendly because it utilizes server-side rendering tools and other techniques to make the webpage easy to crawl and produce relevant search results for the users. E.g., When you search for the best hotels nearby, you will get the top 5, and even the other renowned pages will appear on other pages. Do you know why? It is because those results are SEO-friendly.

Mobile App Development 

ReactJS has upgraded not just with a web page yet also to make reliable native-based mobile apps for Android and iOS. It activates with the necessary tools and technologies, which creates a huge impact similar to the webpage application. Besides, hiring an eminent team of app developers in Chennai is advisable to assist businesses in making ReactJS-based applications.

Premier Examples of Thriving Companies Using React JS


Meta will always be the first example of booming enterprises where it integrates React JS. It is because Meta’s parent company, Facebook, founded React JS and helped build its mobile app. Facebook embraced the model to build internal applications yet helped improve webpage performance on its front-end development.


Netflix is a popular streaming service, and the production house felt the UI needed to be enhanced, so they employed React JS in 2015. With the powerful front-end tool, Netflix optimized its loading time and launching pace. Many changes have been partaken in their website by streamlining their UI interfaces with new features, easy onboarding processes, and more.


We all know that Puma is a famous footwear and sportswear brand. It integrates React JS by building Gatsby, a front-end technology for its campaigns. SEO became a slight problem in React, yet it got fixed using Gatsby. 


UberEats uses the React JS model for yonks to build their dashboard with accessible features and build their front end more engaging. The app provides a seamless experience by providing data regarding nearby restaurants.


Since React JS has a quality of reusable codes, Airbnb, the famous vacation rental platform, has adopted it to increase its webpage elements fast and concretely. The technology aspects improved and added value to the businesses by React JS.

Closing Remarks

The above blog shows React JS has a huge benefit and provides examples of enterprises’ victories. It allows developers to reduce time constraints and build scalable web pages and mobile applications. Nevertheless, partnering with the right team and upskilling with the ReactJS model knowledge will give your business transfixed success.

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