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Project Discovery- An important Phase in Mobile App Development

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Project Discovery
Project discovery can be defined as the process in which the project team gathers all the information on project ideas, project scope, market research, niche audience and limitations. The project discovery plays a massive role in deciding the requirements and the necessities of a project.
It allows the project team to view in the perspective of end-users and what they exactly need from the application. The System requirements specification is part of the project discovery process and allows the developers to know about the project characteristics and end product; this will give a central idea about the overall project.
The project discovery process should involve all the people participating like designers, developers, marketing strategist, project managers and team leaders. Usually, the project discovery process has five steps or phases.

  • Goals of the project.
  • Set standards and criteria for success
  • Analysis of the End-users
  • The journey of the customers
  • Competitor analysis

Why is Project Discovery Essential?
You have a fantastic project idea, and you are so sure it is going to work, because of the short time you ignore the project discovery phase and straight-up hire a mobile app development company to do your project with a deadline and a budget.
The company finally delivers the project with excellent mobile application that has great features and functionality. Now the app is launched into the market, and after some months, you will realize that the mobile application is not getting the users and visitors it deserves.
What might have gone wrong? The success of the application involves other factors as well; having a perfect app doesn’t mean that it will be doing well. Without project discovery, your mobile application can go wrong even with full features and functionalities.

How To Run A Project Discovery Phase?
The list consists of owners, end-users, developers along with the investors and other requirements involved in the completion of the project. The product owner should be prepared to answer the questions in the discovery session. The development team should understand the user problems and the team should come up with solutions in order to build an MVP application within a short period. The internal documents should be reviewed and analysed by the business analyst. Also, market research is done to analyse the errors and to strengthen the application in order to attract users.
How Project Discovery Impacts Mobile App Development Process?
Discover new possibilities
Due to the project discovery phase, the team will understand the requirements and goals of the project and may even find better solutions or methods to get the work done efficiently.

Achieving Goals
Projects without project discovery process is a just a perfectly crafted application, and this does not define the success of the application. The project discovery allows the users to set specific goals like app visitors, user engagements and retention, and so on. If these goals are achieved then your application is considered successful.

Understanding user requirements
A project built without understanding the user needs and necessity is the first step to failure. It is vital to research and analyze on the target audience and what exactly do they need from the application and project discovery phase ensures this process is done.

Advantages of Project Discovery
By proper project discovery sessions, you can reduce risks and save a significant amount of time during project development. The following are the pointers that illustrate the benefits of discovering the project to attain a successful application.

Reduce Risks :
It is essential to understand the goals, objectives and requirements of the application as it helps the app developers to build an application with an accurate estimation of time and budget. With the help of project discovery, you can reduce the risks and complexities. That is, knowing the goals and requirements of the project will help the project team immensely to estimate the deadline and the budget of the project. It saves a lot of time and reduces the overall risk of the project.

Establish a roadmap :
The development team can get a clear view of the plan more easily by understanding the requirements. Hence You tend to get the project timeline with objectives, deliverables and deadlines with the help of project discovery. It is easier to have a proper path or map of the development process with the help of project discovery phase.
The prototype and SRS step in the project discovery allows the project to have a clear path and direction they are heading. This helps to bring more funding money from the investors as well. Hence rescheduling is not required and this will take the product from an idea to launch within a short period.
Build trust :
You need to build a two-way trust with your team through regular interactions and discussions. Otherwise, you will lose the periodical results.

Disadvantages of Project Discovery
The whole project discovery process takes time and effort, even though it is absolutely worth and essential, it may push the deadline of the project if not planned correctly.
Another key disadvantage is that the research and analysis done by the team should be cross-checked by the officials and get approval. Only after all this process it will reach the developing and designing team for app development.
In summary, the project discovery phase is needed in any mobile app development process to deliver exceptional apps that cater to the end-users and the market.

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