Pitfalls To Circumvent When Rolling Out A Mobile App

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Below mentioned are the pitfalls which have to be avoided when rolling out a mobile ordering app.

Not researching the market

Market research provides insight and enlightenment related to the customer base, the market and the competing rivals as well. It is the main framework related to the prosperity of enterprise ventures and it should not be turned a blind eye to. Analysis helps in narrowing down on the target market’s needs and requirements. It also helps to surpass the satiation of the customers and be of great worth.


The analysis must also encompass the information related to the competing rival’s feedbacks and ratings thereby giving insight to the audience base and regarding what they prefer and don’t prefer. This will pave way for the conceptualization of a good plan related to app development.


Not raising awareness

Even though mobile ordering plays a major role in augmenting the user experience and the associated sales, the lack of an effective branding strategy will result in the brand’s existing users and new potential customers not getting insight about the mobile app and the Return on Investment is not enhanced.

App branding can be done with different methods. Digital signage is effective to enthrall the attention as the time required for the user to get insight about the underlying message is very minimal.

It is suggested not to roll out an app which does not feature any branding strategy and it is futile to develop an effective app with the absence of awareness regarding the same.


Larger Audience Reach

Not communicating with employees

Lacking a good linkage and interaction with respect to the team members and not providing effective training, the mobile app will suffer. Prime importance must be given to the opinion of the employees base prior to making the customer base aware of the mobile app. There should be good comprehension of the employees.

In order for employees to comprehend the overall advantages, it is best to provide them with effective training and also scheming out complex branding plans which can be shared across the brand.


Underestimating the value of reviews and feedback

Not paying important attention to the concept of user feedback and reviews could impact the company in a negative scale and will also pave way for negative viral branding. As a consequence, the user base won’t be provided with insight regarding the benefits of the app and will refrain from installing it.


In order to tackle this scenario, it is better to roll out a soft launch related to the app where only the trustworthy customers are alerted and genuine feedback is requested from them. This will provide knowledge related to what has to be refined in the app prior to launching the app on a wider scale. In the event of any issues or bugs, the customer base is the best one to identify them.

Related to a market associated with fierce competition, it is necessary to create an app which makes the user base to come back for even more features. This knowledge on the typical pitfalls and their associated countermeasures serves to make the mobile app an outstanding success.


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