Pitfalls To Circumvent When Launching a Mobile App

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Once the brand has finished developing a mobile app with meticulous care and efforts, the time has come to roll it out. However, this aspect is not an easy venture due to the intense vying associated in the market. Even a slight variance could result in catastrophic outcomes for the app and the brand as well.

An important aspect related to app roll out is branding campaign where the wrong step could result in failure. The brand wants to incorporate cognizance with respect to the users and simultaneously boost the ranking in the app store. Meticulous care and guidelines must be carried out for success.

The following guidelines serve to tackle the hindrances and further increase the reputation of the app in the app store.

Miscomprehending the advantages associated with prelaunch

It is a misconception that the aspect of branding an app has to be implemented only after launch. The reality is that there should be advanced planning related to branding an app before its launch, which can sure provide lots of insight related to the market. Manipulations can be done in prior should the need arises.

An aura of excitement can be generated with the help of social media tools. The targetted user base can be stimulated to do activities such as provide an apt name for the app. This will promote awareness among people and with the help of other alternatives like blogging, promotion through email and such, the job is done.

Depreciating the necessity for market research

Another aspect to be considered is an exhaustive analysis of the prevailing market which is beneficial for the enterprise developing the app. Insight regarding the needs of the people can pave way to integrate additional features into the specific app

Featured at present are millions of mobile apps where some of them are very much in demand and there are some which dont have precedence related to installing. Effective research strengthens the bond between the enterprises and the customer base. Various surveys can be promoted.

Turning a blind eye to App Store Optimization

Similar to how Search Engine Optimization promotes the ranking of any website in the search engines, the aspect of App Store Optimization also implements a resembling logic with regards to app ranking in the app store. However, typically what happens is that the developers overlook the process and don’t take any steps related to the same. The consequence is that the app’s prospects are diminished post launch.

App Store Optimization is mandatory to ensure increased online traffic where the user base is inclined to enter a keyword to locate a given app. Provided the app is enhanced and optimized, featured are several likelihoods for the user base to be associated with the app.

Underestimating the Reviews and Feedback

A particular misconception among app developers is that the aspect of reviews and feedback hold significance only after the people have downloaded and started using the app. The Enlightenment that the prospective customers download the app only after analyzing the reviews and ratings from other customers must be firmly established. Hence the users must be nudged to rate the app incessantly.

Not Giving Priority to the Creativity of Your App

A mobile app which is developed with great creativity and innovation will surely have a great impact on the users. Hence considerable time must be given related to the creative aspects and attractive looks of the app. This is boosted further by manipulating videos and screenshots as well

Lack of Funds for Paid Advertisement

Turning a blind eye related to granting sufficient funds and resources for paid branding and content marketing also leads to negative outcomes. The former increases the ranking and generates more downloads. At present, the best platforms for branding encompass Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to name a few

Remaining Inactive in the World of Web

The aspect of App Store Optimization is important and equal attention should be contributed to the web presence. This methodology incorporates updating blogs or opting for the best guest blog. Content marketing has proved effective with regards to the later and the aspect of Landing Page and Smart Redirect Banner also proves effective.

Not prioritizing the Beta Testing

Budding app developers tend to overlook beta testing which is a mandatory step. It promotes more users to be associated with the app and generates quite a stir related to branding. Further issues are identified and sorted out for streamlined functioning.

Not Considering Offline Promotion and PR as Essential

Both online and offline branding is equally important so as to promote the app. The roll out of the app can be done with the help of pamphlets or banners and also by the media like television, newspaper, and radio.

Failing to Develop a User-Friendly App

A majority of the mobile apps are unsuccessful as they are not user-friendly. To tackle this, an effective methodology is the manipulation of User Push Notifications which is associated with branding related to that being customized

Overlooking Discovery Platforms

Branding must also be associated with the usage of discovery platforms. It is an effective and faster method to be in sync with the user base. Predominant among them are PreApps, AppPicker and the such which helps in app branding via sharing and rating.

Less Attention related to Virality Generation for App

It should be mandatory for the manipulation of social media and referral promotion to boost the visibility range and drive more traffic to the app. However, this is overlooked by some developers and generates a void. It is the new users who are promoting the app through word of mouth.


In order to launch a mobile app with astounding success, then the above pitfalls have to be avoided at all costs. The main aim is to make the app shine among the 4.5 million apps which are present. The success is ensured with the help of good strategizing and planning related to every single facet associated with the branding.

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