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Why Node.Js Is the Right Fit for Enterprise Application Development

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Ever since its debut in 2009, Node.Js has emerged as a perennial favorite for several big brands like Microsoft, Netflix, Uber and lots more. The developer base is no doubt captivated by its magic. But the question now is whether it will be effective for Enterprise App Development?. The answer to that question is indeed an astounding yes. This is because it comprises of a huge package ecosystem which has an assortment of tools. Leveraging these tools well enough can get you to develop the most ambitious Enterprise application in a very simple manner.

Let’s have a look at what are the inbuilt specialties that make it effective enough to accomplish this task-


(i) Being Single Threaded:

There is a misconception that the given trait of Node.Js being single threaded makes it not suitable in carrying out Enterprise App Development. But again this is just a misconception. When taking non-event- driven frameworks into consideration there is the need of several parallel threads which can handle multiple requests. When bringing Node.Js in this picture, the memory and kernel ascertain that you can create any number of parallel requests.


(ii) Asynchronous Programming:

Coming to the quality of Asynchronous Programming in Node.Js, all the asynchronous events are handled without bringing the main program flow into the picture and thus it helps in continuing all the processing requests. Thereby the cost involved in I/O operations is reduced and coincidentally the speed increases. Speaking of these I/O operations they can be done separately or concurrently as well. As a result, there is a surge when it comes to responsiveness and latency.


(iii) Promises

Developers detest the irritating aspect of Callback Hell and want to avoid it. Regarding that Node.Js offers a good solution called ‘Promises’ whenever the Asynchronous Code comes into the picture. This is achieved by representing a future value which is returned anytime after a call is made. Thereby the callbacks are replaced much to the developer’s delight.


(iv) Huge NPM Registry:

The NPM registry that is featured in Node.Js has over 190,000 modules which are still increasing. These modules are open source and are present on GitHub. The developers can use these modules and can even make certain modifications in them as per the project needs. Rest assured the innovative mind of the developer has full liberty to ascertain that they are satisfied with their overall work. The code can be shared within the team with no risk of the business logic being exposed to anyone else. Further, the developer base can refine the logic so that the overall productivity is enhanced tenfold.


(v) Microservices-based Architecture:

This architecture ascertains that scaling can be done horizontally as well as vertically where no resources are wasted. The resource footprint in case of Node.Js is very low when taking the CPU and RAM usage into account. Thereby the total performance is boosted as all the tasks are made I/O bound rather than CPU bound.

Another quality of these Microservices that merit attention is the fact that they are very well capable of handling smaller teams and codebases as well. Taking this into account, you can assign several teams to deal with some given services. Thereby the Development time is lessened considerably.


(vi) Reusable RESTful APIS:

By leveraging the power of Reusable RESTful APIs you can efficiently handle huge volumes of data by connecting them to the backend. Thereby everything is streamlined to be effectively organized and lightweight as well. This is very effective when you are developing huge software systems.


(vii) Enhanced Productivity:

Since Node.Js based apps are coded using JavaScript, the entire work is finished quickly. This is because JavaScript is very simple to master from the developer’s perspective. This combined with the power of innovation, powerful tools, effective code sharing and such can surely make the developer base to enhance its productivity.


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Pyramidion Solutions is a major IT service provider which has a team featuring some of the best App developers in Chennai. It operates with the primary aim to create a quality enriched scalable application for any platform with relative ease. It is one of the pioneers which highlighted the importance of Node.Js when it comes to App development.

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