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How to Start an NFT project? Key Steps

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As NFTs become increasingly popular the challenge of differing new products has become more complex. This article describes the 9 steps required for NFT dropping. This course covers NFT communication strategy, Blockchain and marketplace options, utility building, Community Creation, and Fairness. All Disney, ticketmaster, and NBA have released NFTs in recent weeks. And along with the big players, the NFT collection is growing in popularity and attracting great success. Despite the high success of NFT marketplace development, many fail to grab attention.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, took over the world in 2021. Congratulations on thinking to create NFT Marketplace! Achievement and ambition can both help you achieve your life goals. In the metaverse, communities and individuals can build socioeconomic value.

In recent years, NFTs have become a cultural phenomenon, frequently making news owing to celebrity engagement, theatrics, scams, and legal complications. Even though it’s tough to forecast whether they will retain or regain appeal following a market downturn or two, there are a variety of reasons why someone would wish to develop one. Who will put a halt to a market where millionaires make millions? What does it take to get a long-term NFT marketplace development off the ground? This article contains tried-and-true recommendations to assist you in succeeding in your NFT project!

Fascinating NFT Stats

Here are some interesting NFT stats as per Statista,

  1. As of June 29, 2022, global decentralized finance (DeFi) total value locked (TVL) distribution among numerous Blockchains.
  2. As of September 9, 2022, at 1:30 PM, 138,299 NFTs had been sold.
  3. The number of sales in the art business utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) changed drastically between April 15, 2021, and August 15, 2022. Around 28.4 thousand NFTs had been traded on the art market in the previous 30 days as of April 15, 2021. The total number of sales reported throughout 30 days on the Ethereum, Ronin, and Flow Blockchains was around 21.4 thousand as of August 15, 2022. During the assessment period, 117.4 thousand art NFTs were exchanged, with the peak occurring around the middle of August 2021.
  4. In early 2021, the daily processing rate for the cryptocurrency Ethereum would surpass one million, a value that has been practically constant in previous years. This transaction volume was significantly larger than that of other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This could explain why some cryptocurrencies have such high market capitalizations.
  5. In July and August 2021, the number of different wallets that bought or sold an NFT more than doubled the total amount of NFT trading activity. By August 2021, there were around 280,000 unique buyers or sellers (the data does not differentiate between the two) after an increase of 185,000 unique wallets. August 2021 will be the third time in the budding NFT sector, following December 2017 and March 2021.

How to Create a Successful NFT Project?

#1 Tell a Compelling Story

Assume you own the assets that will be transformed into NFTs. The most crucial question you must answer, whether you are creating photos, videos, avatars, or things, is why people should buy your NFTs.

  • You must look within to find the solution.
  • What makes my NFTs unique?
  • What sets them apart from other NFTs?
  • Why will people continue to strive for them in the future?
  • What benefits do they provide for my client?
  • How far are they away?

Before everything else, a robust NFT marketplace development must overcome these challenges. Additionally, the most effective advertising uses a gripping narrative to ensure that the same value propositions are presented to their intended audience.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), for example, is more than just a collection of 10,000 photos of various apes. It all started with a story and a wish. Apes assemble at a yacht club in the future, when early crypto investors are extremely wealthy.

#2 Create a Good NFT Roadmap

While building a successful NFT is thrilling, it is only the first step in creating a project that can weather the volatility of NFT marketplaces and individuals who merely flip NFTs for profit.

Following mint, it is critical to maintaining the value of your collection because, if done correctly, the majority of your money will come from NFT royalties from secondary sales. Although there are advantages and disadvantages to forming a DAO, NFT collections should think about it so that owners can participate in, market, and advance the project’s goals.

Increasing the value of people who participate in your NFT may also contribute to increased excitement. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is an excellent example of an NFT venture that is always expanding its roadmap to deliver value to its members (BAYC).

Because of BAYC’s famous airdrops of serums to grow mutants, which dramatically increased interest, many BAYC holders were able to sell their mutants for significantly more than the initial mint cost. The BAYC team has demonstrated its commitment to providing long-term value to its investors by launching the APE Coin, acquiring CryptoPunks and Meebits, and announcing a new plan.

Even if you don’t understand everything right away, your NFT will benefit you in the long term if you keep testing new ideas and listening.

#3 Select a Platform for Selling Your NFT

Today, Ethereum is the most widely utilized Blockchain. The Ethereum community has pioneered NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. As a result, you now have choices. You can build NFT marketplace on various Blockchains. Binance Smart Chain, Cosmos, Polkadot, Avalanche, Solana, Fantom, and others are among them.

You can also specify which marketplaces your NFT collection will be available in. Examples are NFTically, MakersPlace, and others. You can launch your NFT collection integrated with several marketplaces and Blockchains at the same time by using markets such as NFTically. Using smart contracts, you can get royalties in the form of a proportion of all upcoming secondary sales.

#4 Build Hype & Community

Finally, every NFT project is a tale. As a result, make certain to follow these rules. a well-known story in your society. 

  • Social media is your friend. Investigate social media marketing or enroll in a course on the subject using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and others. This is the finest spot to socialize and meet new people.
  • Make a fantastic website. Maintain a welcoming, open, and SEO-friendly environment.
  • Producing written, visual, and audio material
  • Participate in AMAs regularly and convey your NFT effort’s goals.
  • Speak with social media influencers and request their assistance in publicizing your idea.

It is crucial to remember that NFT initiatives are not profitable instantly. This does not mean you can’t create an online community right away. Get started straight immediately if you have a concept or a vision.

#5 Set Up a Wallet

A wallet is an entity that holds your cryptocurrencies as well as any NFTs you purchase or create. If you are just getting started, the most important thing to remember is to use a wallet that is compatible with the Blockchain you are using. Coinbase investigates wallet operation and the many choices available.

MetaMask is a well-known Ethereum-based wallet that is utilized by companies such as OpenSea and Foundation. It is accessible as a Chrome or Firefox plugin, as well as an iOS or Android app. On the majority of platforms, the Coinbase wallet is accessible via an extension or app. If you intend to invest in cryptocurrencies in general, Coinbase’s wallet is worth considering because it supports Blockchains other than those based on Ethereum, such as Bitcoin.

#6 Know Your Customers

To ensure justice in the context of NFT Marketplace development, personhood proof is required (PoP). As the name implies, each PoP member must provide identification. This is analogous to the “know your client” concept used by both physical art galleries and financial institutions.

When enforcing purchase limits, businesses can use PoP and KYC to authenticate each client, preventing skilled users from manipulating sales via shopping bots, VPNs, or numerous devices.

KYC regulations apply to almost all financial institutions, including banks, brokerage firms, and cryptocurrency exchanges. It is employed in the fight against illegal activities such as tax evasion, terrorist financing, and money laundering. Even though NFTs are not now subject to KYC requirements, many anticipate they will be short due to the market’s rapid growth and worries about fraud and money laundering.

KYC compliance is critical, especially for large-scale NFT operations, because it allows,

  • The restriction of purchase quantities to confirmed clients improves release equality.
  • Limited-edition drops can be run by artists for die-hard fans, presale participants, and current NFT holders.
  • Satisfies KYC compliance requirements, putting your business in a solid position if regulations change or the project evolves.
  • It prevents server overload (which could cause website troubles) and bots by restricting access to confirmed users.

#7 Create Lasting Value and Innovate

Every successful NFT initiative ensures that the community benefits in ways that go above and beyond the initial promises. This can be linked to the vigor of the NFT business. Whether or not NFTs are here to stay, keep in mind that a wide collection of people will profit from your NFT endeavor.

Value can be subjective as well as objective. Return to step one and this page if the point was not made clear. Many non-financial businesses thrive as a result of viral marketing, only to collapse due to a lack of human or community relationships. Create an NFT project with a distinctive story as a result. You should, however, make an effort to innovate the plot when needed. The ideas in your community are continuously changing.

What Are Some Popular and Supportive Ecosystems?

Some NFT ecosystems have a better reputation than others. More popular NFT ecosystems, as one could expect, have a larger customer base and earn more income than less popular ecosystems.

  1. In a more crowded setting, it is simpler to form a passionate community. Despite the increased transaction costs, Ethereum was chosen by several projects for its initial launch. The location of a project can have a significant impact on its long-term profitability and secondary sale. Some of your most fervent fans will be among them.
  1. Improved infrastructure and more advanced NFT ecosystems are built to support NFT initiatives. To increase the chances of your project’s success, develop in areas where assistance is readily available. 
  1. There are various forms of aid available. In some cases, the corporation that started the chain can be used as an example. NFTs are considered while constructing various chains, which may make your job as a maker easier.
  1. Finally, investigate the marketplaces that support a certain chain. Typically, NFT markets serve one or two chains. The well-known NFT marketplace OpenSea, for example, only takes Polygon and Ethereum NFTs.
  1. Market infrastructure is frequently more established in areas where more people buy NFTs. When choosing a development platform, employ prudence and conduct user research in marketplaces that support the chain you intend to launch on. The best strategy to proceed is to get an understanding of some of the well-known NFT ecosystems. These are as follows:
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Solana
  • Flow
  • WAX
  • Tezos

Before Your Collection Drops, Use These NFT Marketing Suggestions

It is critical to begin sharing your NFT collection as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the week before your debut to start building anticipation.

  • Create a social media campaign.
  • Share your long-term objectives.
  • Make art teasers public.
  • Hold whitelist competitions.
  • Create video games that encourage participation.

Unless you’re discreetly marketing it to launch a stealth NFT collection, dropping a new NFT collection should never be a surprise.


When building your first NFT project, it may be tough to know where to begin. Reading about how to make your idea a success can only get you so far. This is not a recipe, but rather a how-to guide for launching a successful NFT. Participating in NFT communities will provide you with expertise that will aid in the success of your project.

Creating an NFT project is advantageous for a variety of reasons. NFTs are quickly gaining market share and will eventually outnumber all other businesses and industries. As a result, now is an excellent time to make your debut. However, take care not to become one of the many enterprises that fail because their primary goal was not recognized.

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