New Trends in Flutter 1.12 that all app developers should be aware?

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Flutter is an open-source UI software development platform launched by Google. Many app developers are using Flutter as a base platform to develop applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and web-based applications. With the development of different versions in flutter application. Google has released the updated version of the application as Flutter 1.12. The software has unique features that all Flutter app developers should be aware of.

Flutter is one of the most preferred software by developers as the platform has exclusive features and proficient functionalities. Through Flutter 1.12 the development team have nearly closed 5303 queries and merged 5970 Pull Requests from 484 contributors. The updated version of the platform has extraordinary functionalities and features in its framework like incorporating Game Controller support, introducing RangeSlider control feature, and Android App Bundles.

From the event highlights, the Flutter for web goes for the beta, which supports macOS, Adobe XD to Flutter plugin for designer, supernova, and a lot more have declared in the Flutter Interactive event.

Ambient Computing
The flutter development team has worked with an ambience that makes all services accessible across all devices. Now, Google has moved to Ambient Computing from the old concept of ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’.
Ambient Computing is a collective gadget that is considered as an extension of one another that offers a smooth experience to the developers. With this, the app developers need not worry about which gadget or device to target before starting deploying in the Flutter app development.

New Features in Flutter 1.12 Version
Release of Dart 2.7
The updated flutter stable version brings enhanced experience in functioning with Dart 2.5 in a safe string and extension processes. Dart 2.5 help developers prevent bugs when variables result in a zero value and parse integers in a string.

Beta Web Support
Flutter 1.12 has a great reflection of highlights on flutter for web, the web assistance of flutter has reached a beta version, making it an easy task for developers to implement Dart compiler and the Flutter platform efficiently.

A new feature called add-to-app is a new feature of Flutter 1.12 which is considered as a stable and official assistance for implementing Flutter to any latest iOS and Android app. This feature is highly useful in the migration of an application to the Flutter for one time instead of starting from the initial stage.
One best advantage for mobile app developers is that they can reap the benefits of newly included option called ‘Flutter Module’ in the New Module view in the Android Studio to include Flutter to the Android project they are working on smoothly.

From Adobe XD to Flutter Plugin
The Flutter software is currently tied up with Adobe XD which is now accessible to the Flutter plugins. The main aim of flutter is to make easy designs in an effortless way for developers and designers who are working alongside Adobe XD partnership. The latest version of XD in Flutter gives exhaustive changes that automatically convert XD designs into code and makes creates usable parts of Flutter application development.

Golden Image Testing
Golden image refers to a prime image file that is considered as a real rendering which provides a state, app, and widget that you select to capture. The flutter 1.12 has a special feature application such as GoldenFileComparator and LocalFileComparator classes which compares the image by pixels rather than by bits; this helps in reducing the false rate.

Create widgets with Hot User Interface
In case you install Flutter tools in your gadget or device locally, then you will discover a featured preview of IntelliJ plugin or Android Studio for Flutter. This special feature helps developers to directly see and communicate with the widgets in the IDE while developing them. The feature is called Hot UI that makes the required changes in the code and updates the hosted user interface directly.
There are many more unique updates and new features implemented in Flutter 1.12, and it is expected that Google comes up with better solutions and options in the next version of Flutter 1.13 and other versions.

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