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New Application Trends that will help businesses to Triumph in 2020

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Mobile applications are reshaping all the industries, and business leaders are looking for a quick adaptation to the latest mobile application trends to succeed in 2020. The innovations in mobile app development will create an impact on all online digital businesses globally. According to reports, by 2023, more than 25% of the mobile applications, conversational apps and progressive web apps will run on large enterprises that run through multiple development platforms.

Implementing the latest technology with the right strategy will not necessarily ensure a great success rate because the mobile application industry is changing rapidly, businesses need to incorporate the latest technologies that are trending in the mobile application industry. New technologies are gaining attraction and popularity with their more efficient maintenance and build apps such as Facebook’s React Native and Google’s Flutter application development platforms. Here, in this article, we have clustered a list of key mobile application trends to consider in the development process.

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)
EMM helps to streamline the mobile-based business processes, and its platform enables businesses to authorise and secure mobile devices that are being used by employees in the company. EMM not only strengthens and secures structure but also helps employees to share information and applications over the mobile devices.

5G Technology
With speed 100times faster than the 4G network, 5G technology will most likely trend as one of the top features in mobile app development in 2020. Most of the mobile companies like Verizon and Samsung are preparing to launch their desired 5G capable chips into its devices. By keeping this mind, mobile app developers are expected to build applications that take advantage of high-speed networks with enhanced performance.

Wearable devices
Wearable devices are one of the trending technologies that are around in the market for some time already, and it is supposed to touch higher levels in 2020. The devices include smartwatches, trackers, fitness bands, etc. are changing the pattern of the way people interact with smart devices. A mobile app developer is expected to aware of these latest technologies to integrate apps with wearable devices like Android watched requires WearOS, and Apple Watch requires WatchOS.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented Reality will be an essential step in the mobile app development industry in 2020. Google and Apple use AR platforms to add capabilities to their applications. Many applications like Instagram, Snapchat has already implemented AR technology for some time through stickers and animations that are possible through AR technology.

Cloud Technologies
If you want an application that functions seamlessly on all platforms, then companies need to ensure that the application integrates to cloud technology in their mobile app development strategy. Cloud technology is best used for seamlined operations, reduced equipment, and hosting costs and provide enhanced storage capacity. Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket are some of the cloud storage applications that run apps directly in the cloud, which increases the reliability, speed, and security of the applications that deal with a large amount of data.

Technology development has a never-ending growth, so same as the mobile app development industry, which is expected to expand at a rapid pace and the competition to double up amongst the mobile app developers. Pyramidion Solutions is one of the finest mobile app development companies in Chennai, which has the best-experienced team of professionals. Design and develop your mobile dream application for your business with us.

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