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How the people view content and entertainment has radically been changed thanks to the rising prominence of mobile applications. The fact is that it has paved way for surfing your favorite entertainment and news channels from virtually and literally anywhere via online mode.

Primary factors related to Mobile App development related to the domains of Entertainment and Media:


Entertainment App Income is booming

Based on what the reliable source Statista had to reveal, in the United States, it is the Youtube application which reigns at the top when it comes to consumption of mean data on a monthly basis. It stands at an astounding 3464 MB. IN the second place is Netflix which boasts of 2889.5 MB.

Entertainment apps have registered a tremendous triple fold growth of users in the past two years. China is leading in this race followed by India and Brazil.

By the turn of the next decade, the income will surge to a staggering 6 billion as per reliable sources signifying that Entertainment apps are here to stay.


Enhances the potential for Brand reach and visibility

This millennium has seen the average people’s life becoming very chock a block restricted to being severely monotonous on a daily basis. However, this can become an era of the past with the advent of entertainment applications.

They offer everything to monetize effectively and enhance brand reach for your business if you provide exceptional services infused with high quality.


Augmenting User Engagement

Has detailed above, the power of mobile applications when it comes to Entertainment has a vital role to increase the brand reach of your company even wider. Engagement factor enhancement due to these mobile apps is surely guaranteed in every way. When coming to the war between mobile applications and the mobile-optimized websites, the former gains the upper hand when it comes to conversion rate which is much speedy by a margin of ranging from 100% to 300%.

These applications also enchant the users in the not normal hours and when free, the data consumption exceeds 50%.


Curbing the spread of Piracy

The entertainment industry is plagued by the rampant spread of Piracy in video contents on an annual basis leading to a decline in the income. To tackle this menace comes the savior in the form of entertainment apps who provide the entertainment at an economical price suiting the user’s pocket.

Now, the downloading of music and video files in large quantities has never been this easier at such a relatively cheap price. Entertainment apps also combine originality with ultra high quality in their content.


Achieving User Engagement via Social Media

To achieve a wider audience base, you ultimately must harness social media where your content can be marketed on several levels. The only prerequisite demands the content to be entertaining and captivating so as to gain a great reputation among the user base thereby leading them to brand it as well.

Irrespective of the content, it has to be very much bonding with the user base. This factor ultimately promotes more downloads and brand reach as well.


The Blend with Future Technology

Media and Entertainment applications are here to stay and will enchant people for a longer time to come. They have the potential to integrate with the powerful technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the Internet of Technology having the end goal to enhance user experience to the next level.


The significance of User Experience achieved via Entertainment Applications

Prioritizing high quality in your content is a good way to glue users to the application. However, the priority must also be given to the user experience as well for greater success.

The first impression is the best impression and thereby it applies to the users as well when they experience the application for the first time. Thereby every functionality of the application has to be that good. Mastering the application easily when being a naive user is also an effective goal for you.

Signing into the application must be a simple process without any complications. Coming to payment gateways they have to be integrated with maximum security to value and secure your privacy and important card details. All these pave the way to enhancement in the overall user experience.



Seeing the fact that people cant watch Television due to their hectic work schedule, Media and Entertainment applications have taken this advantage leading to a surge in their popularity when it comes to downloads and demand. Virtually all types of entertainment are provided in the form of games, movies, news, TV shows and the such. Integrated with effective quality in the content, your income is guaranteed to enhance.


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