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Mobile Applications Developer Salary: Quick Review

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The process of developing apps for mobile devices such as cellphones and tablet PCs is known as mobile application development. Salary for mobile app developers reflect the growing need for app developers in Chennai in the sector.

It’s no wonder that becoming a mobile app developer has grown in popularity in recent years. Software developers, on average, have a greater quality of life and earn more money. In January 2021, there were 5.22 billion unique mobile phone users globally. Furthermore, the worldwide number of mobile devices is expected to increase by one million this year to 14.91 million, followed by another million in 2022. Furthermore, annual income from mobile applications has climbed to hundreds of billions of dollars.

Calculating a mobile app developer’s salary is no longer a simple procedure. Several aspects must be considered while determining mobile applications developer salary.

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Multitude of Factors Influencing a Mobile Applications Developer Salary

While pay isn’t always motivating, knowing your market value is. Here is a list of factors that may be used to compute the average salary for various genres of app creators.

#1 Platform

Although Android and iOS account for more than 90% of all current mobile platforms, designing for each is vastly different. In the United States, an iOS developer earns the same as an Android developer, yet the popularity and dominance of each mobile platform differ significantly. Apple and Android compete in the developer space as well. Let us examine the benefits and drawbacks of both to help you make this vital decision.

iOS App Developers in Chennai

In order to design a native iOS app, you must be familiar with the Objective-C/ Swift programming language.  Even though Apple products are more popular in the United States than Android smartphones, Android is the more popular platform globally. iOS development businesses dedicate more resources to iOS development than to Android development.

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Android Mobile App Developer Salary

Java is the platform’s primary programming language. The fact that Android applications may be downloaded on a broader range of mobile devices and that the Google Play store is less restricted than the Apple App Store is a big advantage for businesses wishing to build Android apps and hire Android app developers. Developers that operate across many platforms: Native Android and iOS app development is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Many startups and enterprises use hybrid app development to target both platforms at the same time.

Cross-platform programming languages, on the other hand, such as React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin may be used to create an app with a single codebase that can be distributed to several mobile devices at the same time. These programming languages enable app developers to work as cross-platform developers, which pays handsomely. form designers

#2 Geographic Region

Geographic location has a significant role in determining salary for mobile app developers. Furthermore, the discrepancy between countries is so great that an Indonesian developer’s yearly salary might be less than an American developer’s monthly compensation.

geographic location role
geographic location role

An American iOS developer makes more than $150 per hour on average, but an Indonesian iOS developer gets less than $10. An American Android developer gets around US$168 per hour, but an Indian Android developer earns approximately US$26 per hour.

Mobile applications developer salary varies even between states or localities within a country. The average mobile developer income in New York City, for example, is US$142,199 per year, but the average mobile developer pay in Arizona is US$105,633 per year.

An Android developer in San Francisco earns 44 percent more than the national average. An Android developer in Chicago, on the other hand, earns 2% less than the national average. Returning to the differential in developer compensation between countries, the cost of living is the primary cause of such a large variation. The cost of living in Indonesia is significantly lower than that of the United States.

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#3 Level of Developer Experience

The starting salary for mobile app developers is directly proportionate to their years of experience. Unsurprisingly, a junior or senior developer makes less than an entry-level developer. Here is the range of experiences based on which a developer will be compensated.

  • Entry-Level mobile developer salary
  • Junior-Level mobile developer salary
  • Mid-Level mobile developer salary
  • Senior-Level mobile developer salary

#4 Education and Certifications

While formal degrees may help with corporate recruiting, they are not required for work as a developer. Many of the world’s finest developers are self-taught coders with a great interest in developing mobile apps.

There are several free online app development courses available for novices, some of which are provided by the developers of the major mobile operating systems. Even if you’re a seasoned developer, attending online certification training might significantly boost your compensation.

Ending Thoughts

The demand for skilled mobile app developers is always growing. This tendency will be accelerated by artificial and virtual reality, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

It is critical to have an intrinsic willingness to innovate and comprehend new technologies in the mobile era. Blockchain, chatbots, and artificial intelligence are some of the most recent game-changers in the field, as is 5G Wireless Technology, which promises increased connection speed, dependability, availability, and very low latency.

Any mobile app development company in Chennai will offer a salary for mobile app developers based on these above-mentioned aspects. So, whether you are a business, a development company, or a developer, look for these factors and plan accordingly!

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