5 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Transform the Future

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Can you believe there are 265 million mobile apps in android platform alone? And Apple store has 1.85 million applications currently in 2020. Mobile applications have become an integral part of everyone’s lives. The smartphones are becoming smarter day by day; therefore, mobile apps should also step up match the latest technologies and innovations. Here are some mobile app development trends that will transform the future.
Wearable Devices
The wearable devices are in a huge trend right now, and many people all around the world already use it. This trend will prevail in the future, and will be more relevant than ever because they are smart, easy to carry devices. With the introduction of the Apple smartwatches, many companies and corporations already immersed in developing and launching the next smart wearable devices.
Therefore, mobile apps should also be developed compatible with these smart devices. These devices are widely used for tracking the health, workouts, playing music and so on while on the go using sensors.
Beacon Technology
The beacon technologies are going to be a huge part of mobile app development in the future; this will allow businesses like stores, museums, healthcare, and retails to interact with the customers directly.
Beacon Technology is the use of the external device. When users enter the range of the device, they will get notified of the offers or advertisements of the store through Bluetooth, helping many businesses to flourish.
AI and ML
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two essential things in today’s world for technological advancements, and it is the same for the mobile app development industry as well. The AI and ML are two leading technologies that have been trending in this year for mobile app development.
Many industries such as healthcare, automobile, security and social media can benefit hugely by integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning in their devices.
Foldable Devices
The foldable mobile devices are having a moment this year, Samsung has already introduced foldable smartphones that are revolutionizing the smartphone industry and giving fierce competition to other Android and iOS smart devices.
Google also introduced new APIs to support Samsung foldable devices. Now the mobile application development has to step up its game and make apps that are compatible with the foldable devices as well.
Network Advancements: 5G
The 5g wireless network is going to revolutionalize the mobile development industry and determine how mobile apps will operate from now on. The 5G network will not only increase the speed and efficiency but also provide better security for using mobile apps.
Therefore, the mobile apps will go through a lot of changes to be in par with the fast and secure 5G wireless services.
Wrapping Up
The above are some of the important technologies that will transform the future of mobile application development. But there are more factors and technologies involved than these five like IoT technologies, use of bots, enterprise development and management, and AMP and many more. These technologies will help to shape the future of mobile app development and reduces the labour/work for many businesses. To stand out from the competitors, mobile application development companies need to be up to date about the latest technologies and trends in the market to produce efficient mobile app solutions.

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Monish Sinthala is a businessperson and entrepreneur and owns a mobile application development company, Pyramidion Solutions. He has a passionate and dedicated team of web/mobile developers, UI/UX designers and marketing analysts to thoroughly plan and execute a mobile app development process to deliver efficient and fast solutions.

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