Mobile App Development Trends Which Will Occupy A Niche Position Next Year

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The rollout of exceedingly smart devices, for example, the Smartphones, tablets, iPads and so forth has seen not just the arrival of mobile applications, yet additionally their exceptional development and acclaim among the end users. This unfathomable development is altogether expanding with each passing month and year.

As per a review, around 197 million applications have been downloaded on a global scale. Another statistics reveal that more than 25 billion iOS applications and around 90 billion Android applications were downloaded the previous year 2016.

In few days, we will welcome the new year 2018 and trust it, mobile application development industry will get significantly more intense where making the mobile applications noticeable on the App Store will maybe be the hardest errand for the related developers. Yet, as dependable the pre-arrangements aid before venturing into any challenge, encompassing a wide learning on the mobile application advancement patterns of 2018 will surely be gainful and productive.

1. Artificial Intelligence will be at the center of the limelight

In the event that you ask an application developer with proficiency, the term Artificial Intelligence is not any more anonymous to him contemplating the way that it has picked up a decent noticeable fame. The word despite the fact that it has been recently included in the lexicon of the specialized field yet it has before created such a fanfare and buzz.

One likewise can’t disregard the statistics as revealed by IDC, which expresses that AI domain is expected to be worthy of more than $47 billion in three years time.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) will have Stronger Grip

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been very much tremendously spoken about and positively it has given the business associations and enterprises to take in more space. It is additionally helping to a considerable extent in augmenting the retail business and that of the real estate from where the ideas of smart cities have emerged.

Google additionally went one step beyond to roll out Android Things just to help IoT. The specialists are of the opinion that IoT market will get a tremendous jump from $157.5 billion in every 2016 to 661 billion by 2021.

3. 2018: the era/ year of Wearable Apps

One doubtlessly won’t hesitate to tell that the year 2018 will have a place with wearable applications. As of late both Apple and additionally Google rolled out smartwatches on the grounds that they realize that their request is enlarging amongst the customer base.

Wearables are not considered as fashion and classy anymore but instead, they have ended up being definitely needed. Their productivity is paving to be effective particularly in the healthcare domain as they oversee the user’s health, his or her dietary patterns, and heart rate.

4. Application Security will be More Robust

Less trust in security is one reason why users don’t download a given mobile application. Along these lines, the majority of the mobile application development organizations will be surely stressing on giving a vigorous security that can satisfy the clients. It is a basic element of the application since it helps in securing the private and classified information.

5. The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is another new technology which is significant as with respect to the fame of gaming applications where for example, Pokémon Go have been developed as needs be. In any case, with the progression of time, both AR and VR will offer its services to a plethora of different enterprises. While AR is concentrating more on healthcare, insurance, retail, land and others, VR will be more useful in gaming and related events.

As indicated by TechCrunch, the aggregate market related to both AR and VR is anticipated to augment by almost $108 billion in the year 2021, out of which AR will have the major profit share of $83 billion, while the remaining amount of $25 billion will be shared by VR.

To the extent Augmented Reality is concerned, it has officially been termed up as a key player in the mobile application industry. However, very soon, its essential focus will be related to enhancing the all-day battery life and to likewise improve the connectivity.

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