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8 Ultimate Mobile App Ad Networks & Platforms

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The world evolved with the adoption of smartphones; it increased due to the revolution of mobile apps in business and users. Regarding reaching out to a broader audience, the business integrates mobile app ads. Prominent IT hubs like mobile app development in Chennai or other areas assist enterprises with mobile ads to enhance their workflow. Let’s analyze some of the standard mobile app ad networks and available platforms

#1 What Are the Basics of Mobile App Ad Networks?

Mobile ad networks’ primary role is connecting public advertisers and publishers to initiate ads via mobile apps. The basis of the ad networks is to make monetizing options for the publishers, creating a feasible income. It follows guidelines where it doesn’t screen any sensitive, political, or improper content affecting users. Ads can be any form, including images, videos, GIFs, etc. It contains business models that include cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-click, and cost-per-thousand impressions.  

#2 What Are the Different Models of Mobile App Ad Networks?

As mentioned, it has three models that pave a new way of supporting ad publishers and advertisers. Based on these patterns, revenue streams get generated for the

CPA– It is a unique model where the advertiser charges when the user clicks, establishes a mobile app or makes a purchase.

CPC– CPC is a revenue model where the advertisers charge only when the users click on the ad that screens on the mobile app. It is easy to grab the target audience because only the minimum will show interest in the product or service.

CPT- For every thousand views, the advertiser will charge, and this model is also known as cost per mile. It is famed for predictable revenue, so most publishers will show interest in CPT.

#3 What Are the Benefits of Mobile App Ad Networks?

Data shows that global mobile app marketing is forecasted to be five-fold by 2030. The mobile app matured and is still in the process of integrating future trends. An effective ad can build a renowned brand image for publishers and advertisers. Some of the common benefits of mobile ad networks are

Wider Audience

Embracing a wider audience worldwide via mobile apps is not a surprise, but with the help of ad networks, it is much more accessible.

Target Audience

With the help of mobile ads, it is easier to get your target audience which helps businesses sell their products or services. Also, it covers the user’s data, including location, age, interests, and more.

Conversion Rate 

Mobile browsers and app ad networks can increase conversion rates 1.5x times more than desktop browsers. It is because since the world is technology-based, people prefer mobile apps. The reason is it loads faster and is handy for the users to process their activities.

#4 What Are the Types of Mobile Ads?

Banner Ads: Banner ads are like online advertisements that are not famous. It displays on the top or bottom of the screen by describing the information via graphics and images. With the help of mobile ads, it shows the full details when the users click it.

Native Ads: The display of content via news or in any form of a short piece comes under Native ads. It gets published via social media forums and is a favored mobile app ad.

Interstitial Ads: It is the most advertisers prefer to use because it doesn’t interrupt the user experience. Interstitial ads take place when the user moves from one page to another. With the aid of these ads, it is possible to increase conversation rates, resulting in profitability. If you want to learn more insights regarding interstitial ads in your business app, consider getting services from app developers in Chennai or the long haul.

Video Ads: Well-designed video ads with the arts and data can grab the user’s eye and enhance engagement towards the product or service.

Some of the Common Mobile App Ad Networks & Platforms


Airpush is one of the most eminent ad networks, with over 12 ad formats for businesses. It helped famous brands like Coca-Cola and Amazon.


Most of the products and services benefited from Admob, which is known as the big giant for mobile app advertisements. Also, Google runs Admob.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads gives an AI-based service that performs multi-source assistance to brands, affiliate marketing teams, agencies, and others. It facilitates the CPA model, which focuses on interest-targeting features.


Gimbal is a mobile ad platform that delivers targeted ads and helps cover users in specific locations where the business requires them.

Rich Ads

Rich Ads is a famous mobile platform that helps scale a large user base and access over 200 countries. It provides over 3 ad formats that are predictable and quickly help embrace conversions. 


When it comes to app marketers, RevX gives a hand in acquiring user circles and retaining targeted crowds. It performs a significant scale of outreach worldwide and covers more extensive user acquisition.

CPA Lead

CPA Lead is a recognized private ad network that is technically strong in acquiring users via the CPA model. It provides the feature of tracking benefits and getting high-traffic leads via PPC in mobile ads.

“Old is Gold”; the phrase will perfectly fit It is one of Google’s most famous and leading rivals regarding mobile ads. provides enormous features and customized enterprise design with contrasting prices for publishers and advertisers to Google Admob. 

Final Note

Mobile app ad networks are a primary tool for enterprises and agencies to grab a user circle. With the aid of the overhead blog, it is easy for you to understand the benefits, types, and well-known mobile app ad networks and platforms.

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