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Managing Remote Sales Team in the Times of Global Crisis (COVID-19)

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The COVID-19 has largely impacted the businesses, be it a start-up company or a giant corporate, all the companies are getting hit, and it is getting harder to garner decent profitable revenue for the businesses. Since this is a global pandemic and very unexpected one, businesses and companies were not ready for what’s coming at them.

The burden is on the sales team to bring deals to the company in the middle of the pandemic. This task is more complicated then we think because all the employees are remotely working, and it is not easy for sales executives to bag business deals while working from home.

Adapting to the New Ways of Working

This COVID-19 pandemic has forced the workplaces to shift to remote working, while some companies who are familiar with the remote operation are doing fine but there are others still figuring out the right balance.

The best way to tackle this problem is having the right resources, tools and remote working technologies generally set up in the office. So in the times of crisis, it will come handy and shifting process will be way smoother. For instance, the sales team needs more communications resources and tech stacks for them to communicate with each other and clients efficiently.

Review and audit the policies and activities and try to come up with optimal solutions best for both employees and employers and have flexible work timing for people with infants and children.

Encouraging the Sales Team to be Productive and Confident

The working from home could have affected the sales team and marketing team tremendously, as they usually thrive in the office environment interacting with clients and people. The sudden shift can be challenging to them.

It is essential to have guidelines and policies that help them to be productive and confident, even in the remote working environment. Set up proper communication tools and find ways to bring optimum results by providing flexible options.

Changing the Ways You Communicate with Clients

Adapting to new policies and guidelines for the sales team is well and good. Still, companies should also think about the customers and how to efficiently communicate with them since it is a new circumstance for the clients as well.

The prior ways of communicating with clients should be changed; now is the time to be more considerate and attentive to build excellent client and business relationship. Listen to their concerns and solve the problems as soon as possible and do not keep them waiting for long hours for a reply as this may affect future deals.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM is the most important thing needed in the hour of the crisis; the traditional ways of handling data and information physically is not professional and challenging to handle as well. But good CRM software allows the sales team to include, analyse and track information about the potential clients to increase the business.

The cloud-based business management and customer management software are even better to review, audit and monitor the remote working of the employees and produce optimal solutions. Investing in CRM is the best kind of investment for businesses.

Wrapping up, communication and flexible policies are essential aspects of remote working. Therefore CRM, business management tools and communication tools should be implemented for employees to be productive while working from home.

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Monish Sinthala is a co-founder of Pyramidion Solutions, one of the well-reputed mobile app development companies in Chennai. The company also offers various software development services like enterprise development, blockchain development, web development, and AR/VR, and so on for its global clientele.


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