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The craze and excitement related to the instant messaging app WhatsApp have reached a fever pitch after rapidly climbing up the ranks in the last three years. Such is its presence and power that the aspect of traditional personal emails have become old fashioned and outdated.


This aspect is surely effective and is of practice among the majority of the WhatsApp user base. The potential behind WhatsApp usage is unlimited. It can be used for a plethora of purposes and tasks to be completed. The disclosure of WhatsApp being manipulated as a search engine comes as a major news to the astonishment of many users.


It does not stop there regardings its usage limits; it can be manipulated to navigate through the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, be updated with news and stuff related to the famous celebrities, acts as an effective language translator, where it interprets languages say French into English and other such languages. It also acts as a portal and source of news related to the sports and other such events. It can also be used by the user base to stay abreast related to the most recent purchase deals.


Although the above-mentioned tasks can be manipulated with the help of other apps built for the same purposes, there is the fascinating aspect of carrying out all these activities in a group for say Bollywood news and adding all the user’s Bollywood mad friends to it will result in the user to share and post the related news and get involved in discussions and debates associated with the same with the user’s very own WhatsApp group which was created.


The user base is sure to be enthralled by all these features in WhatsApp and its usage metrics will be taken to the next level. However, the user base must be provided with the information and news that the features are not generated by the instant messaging app but by a startup from the bustling city of Chennai named Duta. It is providing its services all for free at present. With WhatsApp having restrained the services like the bot-based WhatsBot along with tweaks and refinements associated like WhatsApp Plus earlier, the framework adopted by Duta which serves to integrate solutions associated with queries along with updates related to streaming is at present functioning productively.


Further, all these applications offer simplicity with regards to usage. To integrate the features with the app, the user has to avail the URL and access the website where the button which denotes “Having problems accessing Duta in WhatsApp” is clicked and the user base is taken to a page which displays all the attributes which can be integrated with the instant messaging app, which encompasses a mobile number for each feature. Next, the user has to avail WhatsApp and create a new group with the aforementioned mobile number which was prior added to the device’s contact list. The user is all set to use the features now. Once the group has been created, the user will be greeted by a welcome message which includes all the fundamental guidelines so as to begin manipulating the app and the features.


The user base can presently integrate other contacts associated with the user’s contact list with the group encompassing any one the user likes for instance family members, friends or anybody who will be pleased to be a part of the group. Duta features a plethora of various news feed and attributes which can be availed with the help of WhatsApp where virtually everyone will find something which serves to captivate them. As the people are associated with WhatsApp, the user can generate groups related to desired topics along with integrating the user’s favorite people as well. Related to that the etiquette can be availed and the user must avoid spamming the people so that they dont take the measures to exit from the associated group.


Zoechat features an amazing WhatsApp clone script which will help you to roll out your own instant messaging application for the smartphones and you will be certain to encounter an mesmeric experience using the app.


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