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What Makes Android Platform the Best Option for On-demand App Development

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Ever since the inception of Mobile Applications a decade ago, there is been such a surge in its popularity. Now there are over 205 billion app downloads. The mobile app user metrics are as well increasing on a daily basis.


Let us get to know some fun facts regarding the popularity of these Mobile Apps-

a. By 2020, a staggering 26 million devices will be connected with one another via Mobile Apps.

b.This year the Google Play Store and Apple App Store featured 2.8 and 2.2 million apps respectively

c. The mean number of mobile apps on a smartphone is around 60 to 90.

d. Smartphone users immerse themselves in Mobile Apps for around 2.5 hours on an average

e. Typically everyone having a smartphone uses 9 apps on a daily basis and on a monthly basis this is factored to be around 30 apps.


Some of the most sought-after mobile apps include Business apps, Entertainment Apps, Messenger Apps, Game Apps and last but not least includes On-Demand Apps.

With regards to speaking about On Demand Apps, we should have a foreword.

In this present competitive world, most of the people are leading a very hectic life where they are working non-stop. Thereby they can’t get the time to do even the simplest work. This paved way for the conceptualization of On-Demand Applications.

These apps act as an interactive interface between users and service providers. Everything which the user requests is achieved with simplicity and the business of the service provider is enhanced by tenfold.

These apps can be built on all the major Operating Systems like Android, iOS, and Windows.

Now, why exactly is Android considered as the right platform for On Demand App development?

The below points will give you a clear insight regarding that question-


(i) Biggest share in Market:

When it comes to the war for supremacy in Market Shares it is undoubtedly Android who is the clear winner over iOS and Windows. Due to its bigger market share, Android is the preferred choice for on-demand service providers when they want to enhance their services via a mobile application.


(ii) Offering the ease in Customization:

As an On-Demand app, there is always the need to update it incessantly as per the ever-evolving demands of the user base. When taking iOS into consideration, it is actually Android which offers a new level when it comes to customization. Thereby the service providers can capitalize on this power to boost their revenues.


(iii) Sophisticated and powerful Features:

An On-Demand App is essentially incomplete without some robust features like Maps, Navigation, and GPS.

These features can get the particular service agent to reach the destination in the shortest time.

Combining all these with a powerful Messaging Feature ensures that the end user base is made associated even closer with the Service Provider

In this particular faceoff, Android is once again the clear winner.


(iv) Data Storage:

When taking the case of Google it offers 15 GB free storage space via its Google Drive. In addition to this, Android features a cloud storage which is, in fact, better when compared with its Apple counterpart.

All the data accumulated via the On-Demand App is managed effectively by the aforementioned Google Drive which is integrated with the Application.


(v) Interactive Voice based Assistant:

Speaking of Google’s answer to Apple’ Siri, Google Assistant is an advanced voice-based digital assistant. This user-friendly personal assistant can operate as per the data you feed in through your voice. The data is stored and encrypted so that it can be used to offer an even better-customized experience whenever the user accesses it again.


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