Make the Transition from Mobile Apps to Progressive Web Applications

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End users are becoming more dependent on their smartphones and personal devices. They don’t want to accept slow speeds, problematic applications, etc.There is the need of a new approach to deliver an optimal user experience. The key is in the way applications are offered.


Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that run on a web browser similar to web pages or website. It provides you a rich mobile experience through native-like functionalities including the ability to operate offline, push notifications, etc. There is a feel of a native app, and the PWAs provide the same experience of the native one. There is no necessity to download it from an app store.

PWAs will produce attractive benefits for both companies and users. Companies that deliver PWAs will have a profound competitive advantage. The main highlight of PWA is that it provides instant results.

Several organizations will give up the need to have both native apps and web experience. This paves the way for the end of expensive development teams to develop and maintain separate Android and iOS versions of their native applications. There is the usage of only one codebase for every device with PWA. New features can be introduced and applied instantaneously through PWAs.


So are the PWAs here to stay?

Customers are expected to have a great experience with PWAs. There is no need for updating or involving specialized applications to their devices. They have to visit a website and gain access to the application. So the question of the hour is whether PWAs are here to stay.

If you are a new company that can begin from scratch to develop your business as a PWA or an established company that is keen on bringing in PWA-compatibility to your website, now looks like the right moment to make the most of it.

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