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Previously, social media apps were the craze and the latest trend creating a hysteria and frenzy in the mobile world. Instances of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have been dominating the app charts for a long amount of time. However, at present, it is the messaging apps which have outpaced the former. Fortifying this fact is that the social apps namely Facebook, Twitter and others have seen a dip with regards to the app usage time.


On the other hand, messaging apps have seen a big rise in popularity commercially. The social media apps have seen a diminished social aspect where Facebook is now imbibed with advertisements, marketed video content and the such for the young generation. The security and interactivity offered by apps like WhatsApp have effectively reverberated similar to that of Snapchat. In the present scenario, it is the main app of Facebook which has outpaced the other messaging apps like WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat and Messenger respectively. The latest analysis by Gartner stated that 72 % of respondents avail the messaging apps at least once a day.


The rise in the dominance of messaging apps has signified the ventures and strides made by Facebook to tackle the scenario. Come 2014, the social media giant had noted regarding the aspect to make use of messages via its Messenger app instead of being a trait of the primary Facebook app. This move was very much critically opposed, but it was seen as a proper move later on. Even though this resulted in a reduction of the app time for the main Facebook services has proved to very well beneficiary for the messaging app. It now boasts of more than 1 billion monthly users.


In the midst of WhatsApp and Messenger app, the social media giant rules the messaging app world. It’s money making potential is also quite huge. With the video chat service integrated with Messenger ever since 2015, it is an evident fact that Facebook is striving to design a super structured messaging app which completely encircles all the motives and make other rival apps obsolete. It is signified that Facebook has evolved into the WeChat of the West where third party services will be provided to retain and enchant users.


Speaking of third party services, they stimulate and arouse the brand’s fascination. Facebook Messenger will venture further and evolve into an aspect beyond using it to order food or avail a taxi service. Embracement of such apps occur and the chatbot communication with users augments the worth. Similarly, WhatsApp is venturing into the Stories attribute which is launched in the Android, Windows and iOS platforms.  The attributes are alike Instagram’s stories feature. Rumours that brands could directly communicate with users via Whatsapp are prevalent, although no confirmation is made in the public. Facebook will delicately and properly plan ahead to introduce these features to boost its status and that of the brands.

Organisations, find this the apt time to formulate messaging app plans to intensify their digital marketing ventures. The impact of brands in messaging apps is still clouded and not precise. However, the brands will formulate their plans at a rapid rate once access to the platforms is provided. As the prospects of social media apps are on the decline, the rise of messaging apps will become full-fledged.

Michael Archer is a famed technological expert who is well known for creating Zoechat – a WhatsApp clone app which is even better than the original in terms of interactivity and security. He is an executive at Whatsappupdate and he spends his free time in imparting his knowledge with youngsters who are passionate about mobile apps.


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