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The business environment in this virtual space is highly competitive. Thus, the success of your campaigns largely depends on the effectiveness of your landing page. In fact, an alluring design of the landing page of your website can drive your visitors down the funnel. In the digitized business environment, the struggle for success and attention has been surging.Another statistic reveals that if your landing page suffers a delay of 1 second in loading, the site conversion rate can suffer a 7% decline.

Importance of The Landing Page of Your Website
The landing page is not necessarily the home page of your site. In digital marketing, it serves as a discrete tool to draw customers. It plays the role of attracting potential customers.The landing page entices these customers and brings them further down the sales channel. Its primary role is to channelize incoming traffic in the right direction and turn them into leads. The sales-oriented and conversion-related tasks of a landing page might include:

  • Growing your list of subscribers
  • Using forms to capture data and insights
  • Increasing leads and sales
  • Promotion of new products

Recommended Design Practices for Your Landing Page
Although landing pages share certain similarities with other common pages on your website, they shoulder a different role. The visual elements and presentation of data on your landing page, therefore, must be well-planned. Here are some guidelines for designing a powerful landing page.

Visual Simplicity
Visual simplicity encompasses every element present in the user interface of the landing page. The minimalist design helps in maintaining the visual appeal of your landing page. The visitors get a better focus, and you get a better opportunity to put forward your value proposition.

Enticing Visuals
Explanatory videos and images. In the process, business firms can establish a personal bond with their visitors. Here are some interesting facts about visuals on your website On an average your SEO and generate better engagement with the users.

Integration of the Right Colors
The role of color in impacting customers’ psychology has been an interesting facet in marketing. It has a powerful role in making the potential customers act or feel in the desired way. The designer should think from the psychological standpoint of marketing. A particular color might convey the right message, depending on the service or product. For instance, the green color creates an essence of trust, calmness or security. For product Responsive Landing Page Design

In the last few years, responsive websites have emerged as a new standard in the industry. This applies to the landing pages as well. Your landing page must provide the same level of experience to the mobile users as the other pages. Across the world, online purchases are on the rise and customers are increasingly using mobile devices to make their purchase. Here are some factors explaining the importance of a responsive landing page:

  • Mobile devices and tablets generate a huge volume of traffic.
  • When the landing page of your site becomes responsive.
  • During SMM campaigns, the integration of responsive landing pages is better than ordinary ones that generate better leads.
  • In responsive landing pages, the layout complexity is lower, which makes it easier to be developed. This is related to finance, this color is extensively used.

Discreet Content that Makes a Difference
Content has a crucial role to play on the landing page of your website. It should focus on your UVP (unique value proposition). Depending on the nature of your product or service, you need to develop your content.

The heading on your landing page constitutes the first text, which potential customers are likely to see. Capitalize on this opportunity to enhance your conversion rate.

To any content to be effective, it should be scannable. The subheading continues with the concept that was introduced through the heading. Under the subheads, you need to further explain your USP.

Call to Action
The color palette used in your landing page should go well with the CTA buttons. Some website owners prefer running an A/B testing when they choose the color of the CTA option. In general, these buttons come at the bottom of your website. For better results, double-check the message that the CTA button conveys. Make sure that the CTA option is logically and textually connected to the headings and subheads. The basic interpretation of your CTA and heading must be well-aligned.

Using Forms for Lead Generation
A large number of websites integrate forms into the landing pages to obtain the contact information of potential customers. However, the forms should be brief, so that they do not frustrate customers to the point that they leave from your website.

Establishing a Reliable Identity
The landing page might contain press mentions, testimonials, statistics and a list of distinguished customers that help in establishing a reliable identity.   They use badges, trust marks and positive reviews about your brand and products to develop a good image of your company. This might include logos of reputed companies with whom you have worked in the past.  Once you create a landing page, make sure to perform an A/B testing. Here, you need to consider all the elements, including headings, the color of CTAs, placement of various blocks on the page, press quotes, testimonials, navigation links, and other buttons.

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