Key Trends Related to Enterprise Mobile App Development

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Seeing how applications are indispensable in helping enterprises to carry out every related functioning, Enterprise applications offer their services to streamline all the business related work and pave way for more profits. By the beginning of the next decade, this enterprise mobility market is expected to be worth a staggering 500 billion dollars.


Detailing more regarding Enterprise Mobile Applications :

It is a sophisticated software platform dealing with customer support, enterprise app integration work, email marketing and all other important processes inherent to an enterprise.


Some of the major benefits these applications offer includes the following:

(i)They provide the enterprise employees with the needed information irrespective of where they are and also that easily. This is used to serve the brand’s customers more effectively and more quickly.

(ii) Featured in these applications are also the advantage of customization options so as to tweak everything as per what are the goals of the given enterprise. Subsequently, the brand’s operations are enhanced along with reputation and profits.

(iii) As in the case of the traditional work associated with the functioning of the company, with the arrival of these new applications, everything is modernized and made more effective with the simultaneous reduction in the typical costs associated.


Now lets drill down into what made these type of applications very much in demand

a. Artificial Intelligence:

Mobile apps integrated with this technology can be a virtual assistant and assist the users that effectively. Other uses include being an intelligent sensor or take care of business related calls. Some examples include the amazing chatbots and the voice-based assistants to name a few. All in all the customer services are enhanced to the next level.

b.IoT integrated apps:

The phenomenal trend that is the Internet of Technology has made a great impact when it comes to automation in the enterprise domain. Some of them are the sensor and telemetry oriented operations. All the various devices are integrated under a single IP Portal and they offer even greater efficiency in functioning. With these integrations in place, this is further enhanced via Machine Learning. This plays effectively in helping the developers to make all the devices more intelligent paving way for the future of smart homes and the such.

c.Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality :

Pokemon Go app which took the world by storm a couple of years ago used Augmented Reality and was a key player in making people get more associated with this technology. Pokemon GO created even more amazing expectations. Last year AR along with VR as well finally entered the enterprise mobile app domain to offer effective enterprise services.

Both these technologies offer mind-blowing experiences where their specific digital content is integrated with the work environment all carried out from a single static place, AR is used by marketers for getting insight on the sales and retail-related statistics. On the other hand, VR is enhancing the concept of Live Video chatting by adding newer dimensions to it in terms of experience.

d.Blockchain Technology :

The final trend in this list is Block Chain Technology where the prominent subdivisions that are popular this year comprise Blockchain integrated wallets & personal identification applications, Industry oriented customer apps and finally, Blockchain apps integrated with the power of Artificial Intelligence as well.

Its potential is prominent in the industries pertaining to aviation, automobiles, retail and the such for more enhanced everyday business functioning. Other major advantages include greater security, advanced communication, transparency etc all at economical costs ultimately paving the way for more profitability from the business point of view.



Now being the focal point of every enterprise’s digital ventures, more and more enterprises are embracing Mobile and Web-oriented Enterprise Applications, This coupled with the power of IoT can be very much beneficial for both enterprises and their customers as well.

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